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Post #157214935 added 08-26-2022 12:37 AM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
Dang, that is one heavy duty pressure washer! I have a Karcher g2400hh (discontinued 2400 psi, 2.5 gpm) that I got used from Craigslist, but I've always wanted to get into the higher flow gas (>4...
Post #157214875 added 08-26-2022 12:32 AM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
A northern tool Northstar uses a Honda motor to Power CAT 4000 PSI pump, with hot water at 130F
The metal EDOU 18-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner was too hard to pass up with 55% off.
Post #157204384 added 08-25-2022 1:09 PM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
Just got my 16" plastic with casters. Returned it for a 20" plastic + casters. I'm curious, what pressure washer are you using?
Post #157203841 added 08-25-2022 12:44 PM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
20" plastic + casters https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0893QWRTM 16.8" metal + casters https://smile.amazon.com/EDOU-Pressure-Attachment-Extension-Replaceable/dp/B096VDZKKJ 18" metal +...
Post #157194283 added 08-25-2022 1:26 AM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
You can probably switch out the nozzles to bigger sized orifices. I think there are calculators that will give you an orifice size based on your power washer psi and flow rate
Post #157194271 added 08-25-2022 1:24 AM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
I got 1 because they didn't ship before I left that location (need to return that one). I didn't know the plastic had casters as mine doesn't just raised by brush bristles about half an inch, but...
Post #157194220 added 08-25-2022 1:15 AM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
You bought two? How is the one with casters? I just bought it for a wood patio lol. 2.5 gpm gas powered pressure washer 2400 psi. I'm guessing the flow is going to make the biggest difference for...
Post #157194199 added 08-25-2022 1:13 AM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
Yeah both of mine made it, not sure how satisfied I am yet.... cleaned my asphalt driveway with it using 4000 psi. I have the metal version with brushes around the edge.... seems to gurgle unless I...
Post #157194136 added 08-25-2022 1:06 AM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
My original order was lost, no movement on tracking. Replacement order was made Tues night and I should receive by Thurs night.
Post #157180288 added 08-24-2022 12:08 PM by Khangtonio in Deal Talk
I received mine (caster plastic version). Has anyone used theres? I feel like this does not output enough water pressure to actually clean concrete floors for example. My ryobi version without...
Post #157145719 added 08-22-2022 8:34 PM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
Didn't show up today. Amazon tracking page shows delay at 5 pm on Saturday, but USPS shows "Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item" on Friday 2:34 pm. Amazon says if it doesn't show...
Post #157107304 added 08-20-2022 9:38 PM by LawrenceT6420 in Deal Talk
better chance than a plastic
Post #157104097 added 08-20-2022 5:29 PM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
Mine is delayed also tried to cancel, and ordered another to a new location... said they couldn't cancel it even though it hasn't shipped.
Post #157103377 added 08-20-2022 4:49 PM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
At my desktop so I can copy the amazon link (earlier was through amazon app so it was giving the weird a.co link) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B094V89VCZ Was supposed to be delivered today for me, but...
Post #157103308 added 08-20-2022 4:44 PM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
Yep.. same for me
Post #157099999 added 08-20-2022 1:12 PM by lee38jx in Deal Talk
Still works for me on the one I ordered EDOU 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner - Power Washer Accessory with Wheels - 2 Extension Wand Attachments - Ideal for Cleaning Driveways, Sidewalks,...
Post #157095670 added 08-20-2022 8:18 AM by Tendo in Deal Talk
Looks like the deal is dead
Post #157094872 added 08-20-2022 7:15 AM by Kafkabugsme in Deal Talk
Not wheels. CASTERS!
Post #157090738 added 08-19-2022 9:06 PM by acubsfan in Deal Talk
Here for the coasters
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