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Post #157592938 added 09-15-2022 7:57 AM by coachclass in Deal Talk
I may not have worded my question well. Some 18650 devices only accommodate unprotected cell (most of the time also flat-top) that are like 3mm shorter than protected 18650. So if you have a bunch...
Post #157589233 added 09-14-2022 11:42 PM by terriblethomas in Deal Talk
If one has flat top 18650s a small magnet where the button would go allows them to use either. Protected or unprotected is a consideration. Also, from a different comment, no reason the AA batteries...
Post #157586764 added 09-14-2022 7:43 PM by GreenTeaLatte in Deal Talk
Already received mine from this deal. They are excellent and very bright. They are a little bit larger than other brands with this similar style.
Post #157586416 added 09-14-2022 7:20 PM by lagvoid in Deal Talk
Wanted to get this and cancel the 2pack deal. any idea if the coupon reappears if you cancel the first use?
Post #157586200 added 09-14-2022 7:07 PM by majorhavoc in Deal Talk
Can you substantiate that opinion? I'm considering buying this and I'd appreciate it if you could elaborate. Thanks in advance.
Post #157586077 added 09-14-2022 7:00 PM by frank10 in Deal Talk
useful as trinkets for gag gifts if you want long lasting quality lanterns look elsewhere
Post #157585954 added 09-14-2022 6:53 PM by syxbit in Deal Talk
micro USB. That's why it's discounted.
Post #157585804 added 09-14-2022 6:46 PM by TheOgre in Deal Talk
Grabbed them. Considering they come with 4x 18650's (even if they aren't high quality) that's easily worth the $20 alone, so adding the lamps to it makes these a killer deal.
Post #157585801 added 09-14-2022 6:46 PM by littlepigs in Deal Talk
This one looks like a higher quality version. Rather have 1 good lantern than 4 mediocre ones. Can anyone comment on quality ? Reviews on amazon has a poor fakespot rating of D Extremus Blaze...
Post #157585795 added 09-14-2022 6:45 PM by woodburymoon in Deal Talk
Thanks. I purchased the four pack of just battery operated the first time then the two pack of these rechargeable ones. All have been nice for the price. I picked a pack of these up as well because I...
Post #157585741 added 09-14-2022 6:43 PM by AravindA8945 in Deal Talk
Usually ships in 1-2 months... LOL
Post #157585696 added 09-14-2022 6:41 PM by Ganjagadget in Deal Talk
The rechargeable batteries on these are nearly worthless but they cover all the other bases from a functionality standpoint once you put in regular AA batteries.
Post #157585540 added 09-14-2022 6:31 PM by Hrshycro in Deal Talk
Never mind, I see the pics in reviews now.
Post #157585534 added 09-14-2022 6:30 PM by darksine in Deal Talk
Looks like you can put three aa batteries too, would work well with rechargeablea
Post #157585456 added 09-14-2022 6:24 PM by Mangolover111 in Deal Talk
How long do these last after full charge / new battery installed? anyone who have these if you can let me know that be greatly appreciate
Post #157585402 added 09-14-2022 6:21 PM by fsshariq in Deal Talk
Looks like a random 1500mah 18650 based on the pix in reviews.
Post #157585306 added 09-14-2022 6:15 PM by Hrshycro in Deal Talk
What capacity is the 18650?
Post #157583539 added 09-14-2022 4:32 PM by selvaspk in Deal Talk
Ordered. Will return the 2 pack. Will gift 3 and keep 1 for myself.
Post #157583317 added 09-14-2022 4:19 PM by BenjaminL6834 in Deal Talk
I just checked one of mine. It has a button top.
Post #157583278 added 09-14-2022 4:16 PM by fastswimmerguy in Deal Talk
I see price of $24.96 not $20?
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