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Post #157805383 added 09-26-2022 9:43 AM by Funkinyourface in Hot Deals
If anyone is planning on getting a ps5 then skip this deal. You'll get most if these free with the ps collection
I ordered God of War 3 and the next one, and it arrived the very next day. Very fast shipping. Loving the game.
Post #157774012 added 09-24-2022 10:56 AM by 3rdbass in Hot Deals
Good time to buy GOW since the new GOWR is coming out November 9th. Play them back to back for the best experience.
Post #157770760 added 09-24-2022 7:17 AM by EdZ1 in Hot Deals
Is there a physical edition of Bloodborne that contains the DLC?
Post #157752166 added 09-23-2022 8:54 AM by mz718 in Hot Deals
it’s a bummer bloodborne complete edition does not come in physical copy in the US for those not on PS+, are these good deals? have my eyes on god of war, last of us. nioh, and horizon, but also...
Post #157742332 added 09-22-2022 6:34 PM by phu1 in Hot Deals
Ah okay. So you wouldn't say such an asinine comment in real life then. Just another keyboard warrior hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. My question is why though. Why bully complete...
Post #157739143 added 09-22-2022 3:05 PM by ae86takumi in Hot Deals
That's the standard version without the code for Spider-man remastered
Post #157733530 added 09-22-2022 10:05 AM by thrifty-five in Hot Deals
Yes. The DLC is the bees knees and very much justifies that price.
Post #157732294 added 09-22-2022 9:14 AM by burticus in Hot Deals
Meh, most of these are in the PS+ collection anyway. I was a bit shocked to see PSN selling physical copies of games though... well not PSN exactly but "playstation direct". Have never ordered...
Post #157732168 added 09-22-2022 9:12 AM by Pro-Gear-Spec in Hot Deals
A resounding YES!! The DLC is short and sweet, but fantastic! The only bad part about Bloodborne was it only had one DLC. One of the best parts of any FromSotware game is the DLC! The complete...
Post #157730020 added 09-22-2022 8:02 AM by AR1ZONA85 in Hot Deals
It was free in april of 2021. I dont think it will be coming back.
Post #157727833 added 09-22-2022 6:10 AM by saltinekracka20 in Hot Deals
Why is Miles Morales on PS4 still so expensive almost two years after release? I remember Spider-Man PS4 going on sale constantly for $15 and $20 a year or so after it came out.
Post #157727704 added 09-22-2022 6:01 AM by Finnis84 in Hot Deals
Bloodborne Complete Edition (digital version) is on sale in the PS store for $17.49. Is it worth the extra 7 bucks over the base edition?
Post #157727536 added 09-22-2022 5:52 AM by JasonTran818 in Hot Deals
Woot has this for sale right now for $35 if anyone is still looking for it. https://electronics.woot.com/offers/marvels-spider-man-miles-morales-ps5-game-9?ref=w_ngh_mc_itm_is_... Have fun!
Post #157726882 added 09-22-2022 5:01 AM by sixfeet in Hot Deals
I think I can answer the question without being a total D.B. When I signed up for the PlayStation store (physical merchandise) it made me sign up with a brand new account. Same email address as...
Post #157725478 added 09-22-2022 12:45 AM by ae86takumi in Hot Deals
At the end I went to Mercari last night, I saw a listing of a like new Ultimate edition Miles Morales PS5 copy. He mentioned that the code for Spiderman remastered could or could not be still be...
Post #157724548 added 09-21-2022 10:23 PM by JesseL9960 in Hot Deals
You could just get PS+ mid tier sub and play it "free" if you don't really need or want the physical copy. There's quite a few good games on their that, imo, make the sub well worth it.
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