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Post #157946266 added 10-02-2022 7:48 PM by Krungus in Deal Talk
This deal is dead. Wish I saw it a few hours ago.
Post #157944106 added 10-02-2022 5:33 PM by Tinoo13 in Deal Talk
Code must’ve expired, doesn’t work now
Post #157923202 added 10-01-2022 1:38 PM by blindShame in Deal Talk
Only if you waited in line to purchase a new iPhone 10 (or whatever started with Lightning) right out of the gate. My Galaxy Note 9 is four years old and came with USB-C back then. I still use the...
Post #157922260 added 10-01-2022 12:43 PM by Fanime in Deal Talk
Lightning will have had a good 10+ years run. How much different is that than going from mini-USB, micro USB, USB-Micro B (Samsung), USB-C. As if iPhone users will be the first ones to ever toss out...
Post #157922029 added 10-01-2022 12:31 PM by blindShame in Deal Talk
People, Please remember to throw your old Apple cables into the ocean as we all did the last time that Apple switched to yet another new propriety cable instead of standardizing like every other...
Post #157816729 added 09-26-2022 7:45 PM by takuarc in Deal Talk
Showing OOS for me…
Post #157798048 added 09-25-2022 9:10 PM by quitchat in Deal Talk
It’s more like good until one upgrades to iPhone 15. I normally upgrade once every few years, and my current phone can easily last me another 2-3 years.
Post #157772182 added 09-24-2022 8:48 AM by AmusedTerrier960 in Deal Talk
Limited to 15w charging speed…
Post #157746385 added 09-23-2022 12:50 AM by cruxion in Deal Talk
Hate to be the one to inform you but literally every item posted here from Amazon earns SD affiliate commissions. Almost every other site as well. SD was created to earn affiliate commissions and...
Post #157746085 added 09-22-2022 11:47 PM by hsakiv2000 in Deal Talk
Hey.. RC is just as good as Coke... And better than Jan PepsiCo
Post #157744189 added 09-22-2022 8:25 PM by spike32 in Deal Talk
is this equal or better than braided
Post #157738336 added 09-22-2022 2:17 PM by p0tempkin in Deal Talk
Except for them using USB-C/TB4 in iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Minis, etc.
Post #157738021 added 09-22-2022 1:58 PM by DealGypsy in Deal Talk
Not sure how the mag safe is slow? It’s probably one of the fastest options for most of the new phones lol
Post #157736239 added 09-22-2022 12:17 PM by ansonvs in Deal Talk
Good luck with that. Apple will try a new own standard and everything will be reset. Apple did that a few times to keep their monopoly market. Apple never follow any ports standard HDMI, USB except...
Post #157735126 added 09-22-2022 11:15 AM by TealShop in Deal Talk
I have this exact cable personally and highly highly recommend it! This has a LIFETIME warranty!!
Post #157734424 added 09-22-2022 10:45 AM by dealhunter85 in Deal Talk
You can of course find cheaper no name brands, but this is a good one. https://slickdeals.net/share/iphone_app/t/16054684
Post #157734160 added 09-22-2022 10:35 AM by trza in Deal Talk
Any good charger deals to go with these?
Post #157731301 added 09-22-2022 8:50 AM by p0tempkin in Deal Talk
Good until the iPhone 15 comes out. I think EU rules will force Apple’s hand at that point to switch to USB-C.
Post #157727152 added 09-22-2022 5:26 AM by WiseField785 in Deal Talk
3 feet good to used in cars or used charger using power bank
Post #157727104 added 09-22-2022 5:20 AM by CoralGame9269 in Deal Talk
Sorry, not my deal, but thanks.
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