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Post #157805971 added Yesterday 10:06 AM by dpecs in Hot Deals
Add the item to your watch list. Then you will get a special offer from the seller. But it usually takes 24hrs to get. Probably too late now since the coupon expires.
Post #157805905 added Yesterday 10:04 AM by LovelyMustang2397 in Hot Deals
What is this 48hr special offer? Did you get it in an email?
Post #157788058 added 09-25-2022 9:40 AM by Howie411 in Hot Deals
Just got mine today. Literally looks brand new, from the packaging box, to the table itself. No a single scratch or dent or anything.
Post #157774552 added 09-24-2022 11:32 AM by obiyan in Hot Deals
Thanks for updating your post. I was wondering this myself but decided to play it safe this time. This is great to know for next time 👍
Post #157769257 added 09-24-2022 4:59 AM by dpecs in Hot Deals
Can the 48hr special offer be stacked with the coupon? It looks like I must accept the offer first to attempt it. update: I took a chance and they both stacked the seller offer and the 15% paid...
Post #157760389 added 09-23-2022 2:38 PM by Studly in Hot Deals
Wow, there's a YT video on just about every subject! :)
Post #157753855 added 09-23-2022 9:55 AM by DansDrives in Hot Deals
I could send @J3anyus a hug right now I would. This table is one of the most handy things I have ever owned and use it for every project. Now I just bought 2 more. Huge thanks!
Post #157751428 added 09-23-2022 8:23 AM by jeff34270 in Hot Deals
Work table height really depends on you and what you're doing. Stumpy Nubs 5 minute video on selecting the correct height: Most woodworking benches are the wrong height! Is yours?
Post #157750912 added 09-23-2022 8:04 AM by Studly in Hot Deals
Do taller people have any problem with the 32 inch height of these tables? The Amazon reviews on this are mixed on whether this height works for taller people. On the other hand, aren't other brands...
Post #157744642 added 09-22-2022 8:58 PM by HilariousName6507 in Hot Deals
if you read the comments to the youtube video you'll see that the reviews are pretty good. But the Hart is much different style of work table. Doesn't have the clamps and the leg system is...
Post #157744306 added 09-22-2022 8:36 PM by CHarris82 in Hot Deals
Grabbed this brand new from Amazon during a Lightning Deal for $91.XX in July. Absolutely great table. I use it when modding pc cases as well as DIY stuff around the house.
Post #157744153 added 09-22-2022 8:24 PM by FuschiaMice6702 in Hot Deals
Bought one 2 years ago best thing I did. Can’t tell the difference. Paid 100 I think.
Post #157743616 added 09-22-2022 7:45 PM by jamesherati in Hot Deals
Got this in December 2018 for $71.87. Solid foldable bench. Pretty sturdy and strong.
Post #157742413 added 09-22-2022 6:40 PM by jo_795 in Hot Deals
After Chicago Tax.. Order total $96.29
Post #157742125 added 09-22-2022 6:22 PM by DealerBee in Hot Deals
In for 2 lets see how it goes
Post #157741696 added 09-22-2022 5:53 PM by CalmWing8233 in Hot Deals
These are great, especially for this price. Get one if you're a DIY type of person.
Post #157741564 added 09-22-2022 5:45 PM by Dr_Claw in Hot Deals
Post #157741555 added 09-22-2022 5:45 PM by Dr_Claw in Hot Deals
Open box…
Post #157741549 added 09-22-2022 5:44 PM by adambnyc in Hot Deals
This can be bought directly from worx brand new via eBay for 99.26...
Post #157740691 added 09-22-2022 4:47 PM by skislope in Hot Deals
just fyi: This is $129 new at Amazon, not $179
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