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Post #158010172 added 10-05-2022 6:05 PM by Mrphotastic in Deal Talk
I bought the white one, the box weighs about 57 lbs, the box is bulky and difficult to carry up the stairs with one person.
Post #157946641 added 10-02-2022 9:17 PM by RedHawk91 in Deal Talk
I picked mine up this past weekend and the guy who helped me load it in said I got the last one and that these were discontinued which is why there was a fire sale.
Post #157933507 added 10-02-2022 7:22 AM by Godseye in Deal Talk
Even though it showed out of stock online, i went to local store in Atlanta yesterday and was able to pick one up and apply all coupons.
Post #157932370 added 10-02-2022 5:09 AM by TOUXZ in Deal Talk
Price goes back to $199.
Post #157931188 added 10-02-2022 12:08 AM by yangzi in Deal Talk
How can I check insotre inventory for this table? I mean how can I search which stores by me have it in stock? I have been manually clicking and changing "my store" to other nearby stores to see if...
Post #157930420 added 10-01-2022 10:46 PM by techbuff in Deal Talk
Which drawers can i add to this ? Anyone have experience adding drawers to this table, can you pls share
Post #157928272 added 10-01-2022 8:19 PM by ebenezer in Deal Talk
1) FWIW-Paypal had a $10 off your first online order at Big Lots that also could bet stacked used even if you were using the other 2 discount codes. 2) FWIW-They showed OOS near me & suddenly...
Post #157925611 added 10-01-2022 5:13 PM by bens_brother in Deal Talk
Just assembled mine (the black/brown version), easy to install, everything works nicely. Very decent quality, I am glad I got it.
Post #157924357 added 10-01-2022 3:58 PM by flightxxx in Deal Talk
how many years is this motor expected to last? any warranty on it?
Post #157915462 added 10-01-2022 7:09 AM by bond17_007 in Deal Talk
This item is now showing out of stock.
Post #157914007 added 10-01-2022 4:07 AM by Suncatcher in Deal Talk
Hi i have a question if you know the answer to. The weight capacity stated for the motor, does that include the weight of the top. I know for those frames thag are sold separately the top is not...
Post #157910566 added 09-30-2022 8:58 PM by bens_brother in Deal Talk
I went to pick up at my local store. They said they may have more in a few weeks, but who knows.
Post #157910488 added 09-30-2022 8:54 PM by bens_brother in Deal Talk
Thank you so much
Post #157908601 added 09-30-2022 7:01 PM by murtip in Deal Talk
Any idea when will it be in stock back ? How soon ? Any response is appreciated
Post #157898563 added 09-30-2022 11:17 AM by Dreamboy in Deal Talk
OOS now.
Post #157896205 added 09-30-2022 9:31 AM by deshwasi in Deal Talk
same. i didnt have a choice of getting brown shipped so i had to go with white. but didnt realize until much later that they are not same depth. sneaky. no biggie. for under $100 shipped its all...
Post #157889311 added 09-29-2022 10:02 PM by SoupA in Deal Talk
I was able to snag one of these in brown/black at my local Big lots. The quality is much better than I expected. I also felt that putting it together was really simple - although son did help out....
Post #157889101 added 09-29-2022 9:48 PM by Mr.PinkWolf in Deal Talk
Yes, apologies. The box size I have is for the brown top and black frame.
Post #157885141 added 09-29-2022 7:25 PM by dealtheslickit in Deal Talk
For the price, this is amazing desk. I’ve got brown desk and it has decent depth and width. For adjustable height, lowest is 28.4 and highest is 47.3.. motor performance is not bad..
Post #157883794 added 09-29-2022 6:52 PM by RedHawk91 in Deal Talk
I agree on the depth. I didn't realize there was a difference either. I ordered the white one earlier today. And I did get a confirmation email for ready for pick up. Although I won't have time to...
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