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Post #158237158 added 10-13-2022 7:36 PM by pantag in Deal Talk
What does this high end XFX cars only has 2 8-pin connectors instead of 3? Weird??
Post #157914565 added 10-01-2022 5:48 AM by dealsrch4life in Deal Talk
I just had to deal with this with my son's pc with a RX 580. Happened out of the blue after years of stability. Total pain in the ass to fix but doable.
Post #157907014 added 09-30-2022 5:43 PM by Harims in Deal Talk
If you wait, you can buy RX 7900 XT as GPU and R9 7900 as the CPU 😜
Post #157901626 added 09-30-2022 1:38 PM by kbohip in Deal Talk
This deals been dead since late last night but it's still up?
Post #157900045 added 09-30-2022 12:21 PM by OrangeStag2904 in Deal Talk
DLSS is really design to use with RT. there's really not many games that a RTX 3060ti cant handle w/ RT off unless you are gaming @ 4K. also, DLSS pretty much requires tensor cores (a.k.a. RTX...
Post #157899700 added 09-30-2022 12:06 PM by JollyReward108 in Deal Talk
I plan to upgrade my system in Dec. latest Ryzen 9 7950X, MB, DDR5, 1300W PS, 4000 series GPU. I set aside about $3K for update.
Post #157899421 added 09-30-2022 11:54 AM by OrangeStag2904 in Deal Talk
i thought i wouldn't need to think about this but would my 850W PSU be able to handle next gen GPU of equivalent tier (7900XT or RTX4080/90)? or should i just settle with current gen now...
Post #157899319 added 09-30-2022 11:50 AM by stegen in Deal Talk
Bought a 6800xt last week for $580. Gonna return it and buy the 6900xt for $20 more. Thanks!
Post #157898122 added 09-30-2022 10:59 AM by youra6 in Deal Talk
Well here's my take. Windows will sometimes install default video drivers upon initial install. This happens on both Nvidia and AMD cards and is strictly a Windows issue. You can turn this off but...
Post #157898023 added 09-30-2022 10:55 AM by stagger in Deal Talk
That's a reassuring experience. My upgrade starting point is more akin to your 290X, as I'm coming from an RX570. Became interested in an upgrade at the wrong time so the wait has been real. Have you...
Post #157897855 added 09-30-2022 10:48 AM by DillDozer in Deal Talk
Shut up, Jensen bot account.
Post #157897783 added 09-30-2022 10:45 AM by Gmoney20 in Deal Talk
bummer i missed out -_- still worth it at 709?
Post #157897654 added 09-30-2022 10:39 AM by csupernova in Deal Talk
I don’t know about those who want to Hodl. From what I’ve seen these heavily discounted cards deals gone pretty quickly. Seems like a good demand. I personally don’t expect 6900xt to drop below 600...
Post #157897645 added 09-30-2022 10:39 AM by stagger in Deal Talk
Looks like the sale ended, for now. It might come back as zipfest is ongoing through Sunday.
Post #157897447 added 09-30-2022 10:28 AM by SteveG1680 in Deal Talk
Getting $709 after applying the code sold thru NewEgg. Looks like I missed the deal through XFX.
Post #157897075 added 09-30-2022 10:11 AM by Dirtyd2099 in Deal Talk
You are the first person that ive herd say this
Post #157896718 added 09-30-2022 9:54 AM by Trunks6798 in Deal Talk
Amd has driver issues, windows keeps overiding AMD drivers which sucks. If you turn any settings on in their Radeon software the picture quality looks terrible so I turn everything off. This is...
Post #157896298 added 09-30-2022 9:37 AM by JimR2075 in Deal Talk
I'm not seeing the ZIP promo deal at Newegg any more. Is this deal dead ?
Post #157895689 added 09-30-2022 9:06 AM by noapathy in Deal Talk
Meh. Still way too high.
Post #157895557 added 09-30-2022 8:59 AM by youra6 in Deal Talk
This is a special binned 6900 XT and it is about 5-10% faster than a regular one. Trades blows with the 6950 XT. Just something else to consider.
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