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Post #158843527 added 11-08-2022 3:49 PM by Lukkie in Hot Deals
Code still active. Should I get now or wait for BF/CM?
Post #158603827 added 10-30-2022 12:27 PM by TalentedAlpaca1507 in Hot Deals
good sound quality
Post #158112253 added 10-10-2022 10:24 AM by Nessy in Hot Deals
I've had an Arctis 7 since 2019. It's been mostly great. In the past I've had 3 different logitechs, a Razer Man of War, a Corsair HS70 and a couple of off brands. All the others were all replaced...
Post #158111953 added 10-10-2022 10:13 AM by DirtCheapDad in Hot Deals
No doubt they're awesome when they work, but I always read reviews from the bottom first...I want to know how bad it gets. And there are too many, not just on Amazon, to ignore how bad warranty...
Post #158073328 added 10-08-2022 9:59 AM by CummingsSM in Hot Deals
The Arctis 7 has 7.7 stars on rtings, 90/100 from PC Gamer, 4.5/5 from Tom's Hardware, 4.3/5 from over a thousand Google user reviews, and 4.5 stars on Amazon with more than 13 thousand user reviews...
Post #157998007 added 10-05-2022 8:31 AM by kishin7 in Hot Deals
Thanks for the tip!
Post #157991725 added 10-04-2022 9:35 PM by wilmer007 in Hot Deals
2% is still 2% not to mention there are multiple codes that work in case the current one stops working and not everyone wants to sign up for the newsletter or they have already used it in the past.
Post #157990744 added 10-04-2022 8:39 PM by CriminalMuppet in Hot Deals
Awesome sale interesting enough I just spent last couple days reviewing SteelSeries nova's line and this came up just in time for purchase. I ended up buying the Xbox Nova Pro Wireless. Cant wait to...
Post #157985104 added 10-04-2022 3:41 PM by talbain in Hot Deals
eh, i'm not sure this is such a great deal. they take forever to ship and will give you a 10% off coupon everyday just for signing up for their newsletter. so this is basically a 2% discount...
Post #157980616 added 10-04-2022 12:23 PM by tool2269 in Hot Deals
Thanks OP. Steelseries also offers a military /1st responder discount (20%). Just requires you to send proof to their contact us chat form. I was able to get best buy to price match the discounted...
Post #157972816 added 10-04-2022 7:02 AM by wilmer007 in Hot Deals
The PS5 pulse is currently $80 and is a front page deal.
Post #157972699 added 10-04-2022 6:54 AM by wilmer007 in Hot Deals
Post #157971613 added 10-04-2022 5:38 AM by WiseSparrow820 in Hot Deals
Thanks for your insight Wilmer. I have the RGB Elite and I need to find something different. You're right about the sound and mic, but it's design to expand larger is poor, and it falls off my...
Post #157968829 added 10-03-2022 10:53 PM by llars in Hot Deals
I have the Pro Wireless and depending on your setup the Pro Wireless provides the best connectivity options. The DAC on the Pro Wireless has an Opitcal port which I have connected to my receiver...
Post #157964038 added 10-03-2022 6:21 PM by wilmer007 in Hot Deals
Specs are identical across all 3 only the Xbox compatibility and color is the difference. If you don't need Xbox maybe you should look at other headsets that don't work on Xbox to perhaps save money...
Post #157963627 added 10-03-2022 5:53 PM by cheesenip in Hot Deals
Ah got it. Other than 7X being compatible with all 3, and 7P/7 only compatible with PS/PC, are the spec the same? I don't own a Xbox, only a PC and PS5, and would use it for zoom/slack calls for...
Post #157962355 added 10-03-2022 4:45 PM by wilmer007 in Hot Deals
You have to select the Xbox version to get the 7X, the PlayStation version is the 7P, and the PC version is 7. The 7X is the only one of the 3 that works on everything hence why you don't see...
Post #157961005 added 10-03-2022 3:30 PM by cheesenip in Hot Deals
Not sure I follow. When going to the Nova 7X link, there're an option to select your console PC, Xbox Ps. They're all the Nova 7X
Post #157960501 added 10-03-2022 3:08 PM by DirtCheapDad in Hot Deals
My son really wanted these and so I went through many review sites, and consumer reviews. We ran away from Arctis fast. Too many reports of failures with these $150-200+ headphones, and their idea of...
Post #157959514 added 10-03-2022 2:24 PM by LivelyCrow438 in Hot Deals
I’ve had their Siberian series 800 for three years and loved it. And when Artistis pro came out i wanted to try it. Unfortunately it only lasted 8 months before one of the right ear cup started to...
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