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Post #159165439 added 11-18-2022 5:26 PM by besi in Hot Deals
Seems very expensive for a plushie by itself not to mention it was for halloween ,it should be under 5$ ….
Post #159143365 added 11-18-2022 8:49 AM by SandyD51 in Hot Deals
It is 8" tall so not a $2 cat. :P
Post #159136354 added 11-18-2022 5:59 AM by nbotts1 in Hot Deals
I was able to get the Dracula Cat and the Witch Cat for $20 total. Not sure if anyone had success as well.
Post #159129988 added 11-17-2022 11:11 PM by sovess in Hot Deals
Code 5042O824 doesn't work.
Post #159128413 added 11-17-2022 10:01 PM by Darkflight in Hot Deals
Darn can only use code once.... anyone know how a way to get all 3 cats at code price...
Post #159123364 added 11-17-2022 7:17 PM by zaii in Hot Deals
i like to celebrate Halloween year round ;)
Post #159122902 added 11-17-2022 7:03 PM by unksol in Hot Deals
So... A cat? No need to be redundant. :confused:
Post #159118468 added 11-17-2022 4:56 PM by c2nah777 in Hot Deals
Bad deal for Halloween clearance. Should be half of this price. Very cute, but putting them away to have to dig them out next October, is not worth it.
Post #159114829 added 11-17-2022 3:04 PM by linesplice in Hot Deals
Feels like $11 is what the normal price should be. Not slick. Not much of a deal. I’ll make someone my special balloon banana which typically retails for $73 but sell it here with the promo code...
Post #159106330 added 11-17-2022 11:24 AM by TonyPTheMC in Hot Deals
$11 for a $1-2 plushie, very slick.
Post #159106237 added 11-17-2022 11:22 AM by splunk in Hot Deals
What the he{{ is this? Some sort of satanic cat?
Post #159103393 added 11-17-2022 10:12 AM by SandyD51 in Hot Deals
Code worked perfectly I picked up Viktor (Dracula) kitty. Going to look great sitting on my computer watching me while I am online. :D
Post #159102178 added 11-17-2022 9:44 AM by rcs1 in Hot Deals
Cute but from the initial picture I thought it was all three for $11 which seems more appropriate for post Halloween sales.
Post #159096946 added 11-17-2022 7:46 AM by BullyPulpit in Hot Deals
My black cat is dying of stomach cancer. A few years ago, I bought a similar outfit for him. I got one of those too. Thanks OP.
Post #159066196 added 11-16-2022 10:29 AM by zaii in Hot Deals
had to get the dracula one
Post #159101107 added 11-15-2022 10:09 AM by qwikwit in Hot Deals
OrangeOnions via Amazon has Plushible Halloween Black Vampire Cat Plushie (Viktor) Stuffed Animal Decoration on sale for $21.99 - 50% off when you apply promo code: 5042O824 at checkout = $10.99....
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