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Post #159713983 added 11-27-2022 4:57 PM by TamelCoe in Deal Talk
But at least he has a long hose I would think?
Post #159713887 added 11-27-2022 4:55 PM by TamelCoe in Deal Talk
Yeah and the bottom of sole has gel pockets, their version/similar to Nike Air. Stupid comment.
Post #159713815 added 11-27-2022 4:54 PM by TamelCoe in Deal Talk
Yeah bc men’s running shoes are going to have pink accents. The eff are you thinking. And joints are marijuana cigarettes, not shoes…
Post #159596983 added 11-25-2022 11:10 PM by corpomonkey in Deal Talk
No special link. Code “CYBER” takes off 30% to bring prices down to amazon prices.
Post #159534820 added 11-25-2022 6:50 AM by 7orThree in Deal Talk
As a general rule, walking shoes are going to have a thicker outsole, and absorb more of the shock in your heel. I think getting custom insoles as Not_A_Tonberry mentioned is also a good idea. If you...
Post #159427288 added 11-23-2022 7:34 PM by Not_A_Tonberry in Deal Talk
Not who you asked but honestly getting custom orthotics are probably going to do much, much more for you than any ("over the counter") shoe.
Post #159427003 added 11-23-2022 7:28 PM by Disposed in Deal Talk
Can confirm. Wear 10 in Nimbus and Cumulus but 10.5 in the quantums. My only problem with these shoes. I have this exact shoe in black and its great. Very comfy.
Post #159422599 added 11-23-2022 6:02 PM by jessica020 in Deal Talk
What would you recommend for someone with foot& heel pain as an everday (non athletic) shoe?
Post #159407722 added 11-23-2022 1:43 PM by 7orThree in Deal Talk
The nimbus is designed to be a running shoe. The gel-quantum is more of an all-purpose sports shoe. If you want purely a running shoe and you're particular about that then you'll want to look for...
Post #159401917 added 11-23-2022 12:51 PM by TiniToo in Deal Talk
Not available at this price in the size 15s ... my husband has clown sized feet. Such a pain to find his size.
Post #159391198 added 11-23-2022 10:06 AM by 3Wire in Deal Talk
We used spit shined black leather boots for boot camp ( San Diego, 1973). I think if we even had a pair of sneakers, they were a pretty crappy pair. We did EVERYTHING (yep - even that) in our boots,...
Post #159385153 added 11-23-2022 8:29 AM by fuse89 in Deal Talk
So buy a size up?
Post #159385129 added 11-23-2022 8:29 AM by fuse89 in Deal Talk
Kid you not we used ASICS for military boot camp and they lasted me a long time
Post #159384001 added 11-23-2022 8:09 AM by Ronio in Deal Talk
I've owned these, they run smaller in size to a traditional Asics. That is probably my largest beef with Asics and buying online. They seemed to have lost consistency in their shoe sizes across...
Post #159380923 added 11-23-2022 7:14 AM by BlackMountain123 in Deal Talk
If anyone remembers the ShoeSteal.com deal of like I don’t know, 2008, I’d be very impressed. It was insane. All shoes some fixed price of like $30. Even $700 shoes.
Post #159379960 added 11-23-2022 6:54 AM by Josh2xh in Deal Talk
How are these compared to the Nimbus 24? I currently use the Hoka One Mach 4 for Gym, Tread workouts. But they are so damn expensive and I need a refresh.
Post #159379669 added 11-23-2022 6:46 AM by frankz00 in Deal Talk
Out of all the sneakers I've worn Asics are the most comfortable. These are good for training (including jogging) as I've had mine about two years now. Almost due for a refresh.
Post #159379270 added 11-23-2022 6:37 AM by Telex29 in Deal Talk
don't fall for the gel marketing... It's a cheap $2 insole that is terrible
Post #159378559 added 11-23-2022 6:21 AM by StewB81 in Deal Talk
and office supply stores would give you free reams of paper which you could then sell to local businesses…
Post #159378388 added 11-23-2022 6:16 AM by montanaday in Deal Talk
I'm not seeing anything close to this on Asics. Do you have a link? Thanks.
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