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Post #160415443 added 12-18-2022 11:41 AM by NervousBreakfast447 in Hot Deals
How are you liking the Embody? Any complaints? I almost bought an Embody when they were on sale for $1,400 but hesitated too long and now they're back up near $2k.
Post #160377868 added 12-16-2022 7:26 PM by ewb110 in Hot Deals
Forgot to add “Boujee Asses only” to the title.
Post #160375810 added 12-16-2022 5:53 PM by mickeman in Hot Deals
Now this is slick - wait what?
Post #160374994 added 12-16-2022 5:15 PM by i.ankurjaini in Hot Deals
You definitelt need to game less then
Post #160374952 added 12-16-2022 5:14 PM by i.ankurjaini in Hot Deals
Yeah..i am sure you will win the marathon with these fastest wheels :/
Post #160374925 added 12-16-2022 5:13 PM by i.ankurjaini in Hot Deals
This crap needs to stop. Selling producta with manufacturing cost of $30 for $1400!
Post #160373587 added 12-16-2022 4:17 PM by 1987dmoore in Hot Deals
I know these are awesome chairs. I have one myself, but I'm sure if you look around, you can find them used from an office or school for much, much less. I bought mine in 2019 for $150 from a company...
Post #160372270 added 12-16-2022 3:25 PM by Starcubt in Hot Deals
I like the feel of the chair. The wheels are really fast. The lumbar support with these chairs are worth the money
Post #160372252 added 12-16-2022 3:23 PM by DonkeyFinest in Hot Deals
A comfortable wooden chair for a reasonable price.
Post #160369480 added 12-16-2022 1:35 PM by karazi in Hot Deals
So what is the reason for there to be such a robust market of used steelcase chairs - do people / companies just not replace the hydraulic cylinder when it goes bad and offload the entire chair...
Post #160369405 added 12-16-2022 1:32 PM by karazi in Hot Deals
what do you prefer it to be made of, wood?
Post #160369327 added 12-16-2022 1:30 PM by DonkeyFinest in Hot Deals
Crappy looking plastic chair for 800 dollars.
Post #160369162 added 12-16-2022 1:23 PM by chr0nic21 in Hot Deals
For this much $$, I better get my balls massaged everytime I sit.
Post #160365796 added 12-16-2022 11:30 AM by hksimpson in Hot Deals
I have no experience with this model but do use a Steelcase Leap and think it's the best overall chair I have ever used. It's comfortable, adjustable, very well made and extremely durable. It's a...
Post #160355722 added 12-16-2022 6:21 AM by bajanboy5809 in Hot Deals
Nice price but if you are willing to wait you can usually find a chair of this level and newness on Marketplace for about $400. It may take weeks or months but eventually something will pop up.
Post #160354054 added 12-16-2022 4:48 AM by thesned in Hot Deals
I've yet to sit in a refurbished or remanufactured chair which feels like the original in this price range. They always use inferior cloth, leather, or casters to the original. This changes the whole...
Post #160351792 added 12-16-2022 12:17 AM by CoolStraw742 in Hot Deals
786 bismillah
Post #159928654 added 12-02-2022 9:20 AM by Slayeroflight in Hot Deals
I have one of these for my gaming chair, LOVE IT! One of the best most comfortable chairs I've ever sat it. 200 bucks from office liquidations from everyone bailing on offices during pandemic.
Post #159840943 added 11-29-2022 8:17 PM by MagentaCircle3391 in Hot Deals
That's quite a waiting game! 8 year sitting waiting to screw slickdealers over
Post #159840907 added 11-29-2022 8:16 PM by MagentaCircle3391 in Hot Deals
$786 for a chair? And it's not even "new"?!? Am happy with my $200 staples chair
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