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Post #159881038 added 11-30-2022 10:57 PM by booboloo in Deal Talk
Yes at the high end you can build a monster now, but its going to be at least this much or more. Annoyingly most cases don't have much storage anymore, so another chunk of money goes into DAS.
Post #159817660 added 11-29-2022 9:15 AM by MrMcGibblets in Deal Talk
Same! Althought I'm an IT Pro by day that works with enterprise servers in billion-dollar datacenters around the world, I haven't built my own gaming PC since around 2010. I've spent the past few...
Post #159817462 added 11-29-2022 9:11 AM by neumei626 in Deal Talk
Thanks all for the replies all, I've been out of the PC building game since early 2010 :)
Post #159817312 added 11-29-2022 9:07 AM by MrMcGibblets in Deal Talk
See: Also, from "Unlike the last transition from...
Post #159807949 added 11-29-2022 4:03 AM by Redmont in Deal Talk
4 is already obsolete —I believe that all new — and maybe even the current —AMD video cards now require 5. That does not mean 4 is bad — only that it is now in the PC rear view mirror . If you buy...
Post #159807880 added 11-29-2022 3:56 AM by Redmont in Deal Talk
Absolutely correct —there is no excuse for DDR 4 Ram at THIS price point — just go to the site and pick something near this price point and upgrade to DDR 5 for the same or a few extra $. Also if a...
Post #159807013 added 11-29-2022 2:37 AM by booboloo in Deal Talk
ddr5 can be reused in future systems, ddr4 is done.
Post #159796090 added 11-28-2022 7:36 PM by neumei626 in Deal Talk
What are the real-world advantages to DDR5 vs decent speed DDR4.. 2%? It just doesn't seem like anything we'd ever notice unless there's some future feature that REQUIRES DDR5 but that seems...
Post #159776047 added 11-28-2022 1:31 PM by LovelyKestrel3576 in Deal Talk
to be fair though, gaming performance difference between ddr4 and ddr5 is like 5%-8% at most
Post #159775387 added 11-28-2022 1:20 PM by randob3001 in Deal Talk
I'd still check connections and confirm specs. Shipping sometimes rattles things loose. And, as we've seen from countless reviews on yt, a lot of these pre-builts have, umm, questionable...
Post #159775162 added 11-28-2022 1:17 PM by poltad in Deal Talk
Does this even have Thunderbolt? What’s up with all these subpar deals, feels like spam deal service lately.
Post #159775018 added 11-28-2022 1:14 PM by TheRedEyeBandit in Deal Talk
Can you swap out to DDR5 ram at later date? IE is the mobo compatible with both types?
Post #159769621 added 11-28-2022 11:56 AM by JohnnyP24 in Deal Talk
I agree with you here. Not sure why they don’t have ddr5 in these systems.
Post #159769588 added 11-28-2022 11:56 AM by elpegek in Deal Talk
You are right, sorry. You can customize this though:
Post #159769462 added 11-28-2022 11:54 AM by badstink in Deal Talk
I configured my own ibuypower custom build in 2016 and it's still running strong. Since then I've added an extra hard drive, replaced the NVME M.2 with more storage capacity, and doubled my RAM. 0...
Post #159769234 added 11-28-2022 11:50 AM by badstink in Deal Talk
I don't think you can modify this one to DDR5. It's a RDY prebuilt, which means ready to ship. Also, doesn't the MOBO need to be DDR5 instead of DDR4?
Post #159768841 added 11-28-2022 11:45 AM by elpegek in Deal Talk
Is ibuypower a reliable brand?
Post #159768835 added 11-28-2022 11:45 AM by mtx1212 in Deal Talk
13700k vs 13900k (13900k is probably 20% faster than 13700k in gaming) and 32gb ram vs 16gb ram (16gb is plenty for gaming, but 32gb will cover productivity as well) both are good deals imo, go...
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