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Post #160093291 added 12-07-2022 5:17 PM by BradFang in Deal Talk
My card just came, looks good, etc. My GPU box has a thick red marker dash on the center of the serial number label. Everyone/anyone else have this? Anyone know what it is? also I've noticed some...
Post #159974125 added 12-03-2022 8:51 PM by morrowing in Deal Talk
Dude, after BF a lot of stuff out of stock because mad people buy everything. ("It's BF, deals! Take my money and shut up!") But, Newegg show me a few 6800 XT, for example...
Post #159952942 added 12-03-2022 5:31 AM by DrGreenthumb in Deal Talk
They don't deduct anything for the free AMD game bundles. You get back whatever you paid. By their logic you can't activate it because you don't have the video card and they only accept returns on...
Post #159952882 added 12-03-2022 5:28 AM by DrGreenthumb in Deal Talk
Its the same repeated advice I see in every GPU deal thread regardless of time of year. "New models are coming out, just wait for price drops." Look at the past AMD release cycle. This deal may be...
Post #159913900 added 12-01-2022 7:59 PM by iorikun in Deal Talk
I just got the same text, and paid everything off without having to pay for the interest as well. Thanks for the reply. Repped.
Post #159909577 added 12-01-2022 5:35 PM by InkPouchMan in Deal Talk Can't vouch for the info, but it's there. Note that the basic ASRock 6700XT is listed there, but this one is different - "Challenger D"...
Post #159897703 added 12-01-2022 11:48 AM by wonder6oy in Deal Talk
Post #159892993 added 12-01-2022 9:53 AM by slicknerd213 in Deal Talk
I got an email/text from Affirm the next day with the text "Newegg has processed your order, and your loan has been confirmed!". After which I was able to go into the app to pay off the balance....
Post #159885880 added 12-01-2022 6:18 AM by randob3001 in Deal Talk
Depends on the rest of your system. Draw for the 6700xt will be around 220. I suspect you'll be just fine, but if you're worried, just add up the cpu, fan, lights(?), motherboard, drives, etc. ...
Post #159885685 added 12-01-2022 6:08 AM by iorikun in Deal Talk
How did you manage to do that? Mine is still stuck on "Processing payment" even though Newegg shipped the card.
Post #159885193 added 12-01-2022 5:48 AM by GarryL6180 in Deal Talk
FYI, the rebate is expired. Last date of purchase was yesterday on 11/30.
Post #159881041 added 11-30-2022 10:57 PM by wonder6oy in Deal Talk
I have a Seagate 620W bronze ps. Recommended on this is a 650W. Am I safe/close enough to go ahead with this?
Post #159881008 added 11-30-2022 10:55 PM by Mr_Spiffy in Deal Talk
I'd have to check, but I think the ASUS model was 8+6. Also, lol at whoever is just hitting thumbs -down on every single comment in this thread. Nothing better to do, I guess.
Post #159879187 added 11-30-2022 9:13 PM by LisaFree in Deal Talk
Just wanted to say thanks for posting this deal. I had ordered the one at Amazon but shipping wasn't for another couple of weeks. I was happy to save the extra money through Newegg and get the card...
Post #159877105 added 11-30-2022 7:53 PM by 89turboii in Deal Talk
That's a huge rebate. Imagine if they just burned everyone, just one last time to get out the rebate game. Act like ftx didn't cash out during the bank run but what's funny is that the real banks...
Post #159874813 added 11-30-2022 6:49 PM by smihaila in Deal Talk
Any RX 6700 XT model with 6pin+8pin?
Post #159871675 added 11-30-2022 5:13 PM by khronos in Deal Talk
credit scores adjust over time instead of guessing about the MIR try reading the instructions
Post #159871510 added 11-30-2022 5:08 PM by laffinmann in Deal Talk
This deal from newegg is also only for a replacement not a refund too. Something to keep in mind. I bought a card a couple of weeks ago and it states it can be refunded or replaced until Jan31st. I...
Post #159871210 added 11-30-2022 4:57 PM by cheema in Deal Talk
It took about a day for Affirm to show my purchase. When it finally did, I was given the option to make a one time payment. I opted to pay in full. Total interest charged was 8 cents. And the...
Post #159869839 added 11-30-2022 4:11 PM by Guyman in Deal Talk
Thanks. Yeah I bought the non xt version of 6700. Since xt is just a little more (or less with affirm) I wouldn't mind getting that if my return would go thru "hassle free" as neweg says.
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