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Post #160690294 added 12-29-2022 12:13 PM by dealstorm in Deal Talk
Generic datasheet for Legion Tower 5i shows DisplayPort 2.0.
Post #160690078 added 12-29-2022 12:03 PM by phishvideos in Deal Talk
I bought this. It came with no documentation or specs of any kind. Does anyone know what version display port this graphics card supports? Is it 2.0? It did not come with a video cable so I want...
Post #160491283 added 12-21-2022 9:22 AM by fangty123 in Deal Talk
How does it compare to this BB offer with 3060 for $250 cheaper? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-legion-tower-5i-gaming-desktop-intel-core-i7-12700-16gb-memory-n... I really want a 3060Ti...
Post #160439905 added 12-19-2022 11:43 AM by booboloo in Deal Talk
All subsystems on a haswell are slower, making the system much less responsive than just the cpu/game benchmarks would imply, and even the game benchmarks are misleading unless looking at 1% lows and...
Post #160386163 added 12-17-2022 7:07 AM by bigboySocal in Deal Talk
Strongly considering this build.
Post #160375243 added 12-16-2022 5:28 PM by MikeS2662 in Deal Talk
Is this computer worth the price? I have an 8 year old i7 with a 970 and desperately need something newer. My budget is $1,500 so this looks like a good deal.
Post #160349566 added 12-15-2022 9:28 PM by phishvideos in Deal Talk
Yes I would also like to know if the other two slots could be filled with 2x16GB.
Post #160323007 added 12-15-2022 7:45 AM by davedogx in Deal Talk
Anyone know how to obtain the exact RAM used in this machine? So that I may purchase a matching 16gb in the future
Post #160303483 added 12-14-2022 2:22 PM by XombieRX in Deal Talk
With ease
Post #160217710 added 12-11-2022 10:40 PM by matthewt5064 in Deal Talk
Could i play fortnite on high settings with this
Post #160176646 added 12-10-2022 11:17 AM by 1PrettyNupe in Deal Talk
I built the following PC about 10 yrs ago CPU Intel Core i7-4790K GPU Nvidia GTX 970 SSD Crucial MX100 256GB and Samsung 860 Evo 500GB HDD 2 * WDC WD60EZAZ-00SF3B0 6TB and Toshiba DT01ACA200...
Post #160167682 added 12-10-2022 4:45 AM by Patj in Deal Talk
Indeed - I've made larger purchases at Costco merely to take advantage of the added warranty (when prices aligned). Makes me very curious about how much that extended warranty actually cost them -...
Post #160165477 added 12-09-2022 11:57 PM by MaS4074 in Deal Talk
There are reviews on NZXT pre-built that have bad reviews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY-SEPGvqxY
Post #160136746 added 12-09-2022 3:55 AM by Multivitaminico in Deal Talk
nzxt is one of the best if not the best prebuilts out there, someone said "pricing is not competitive" not shit youre paying for better quality
Post #160080850 added 12-07-2022 10:42 AM by Supply_and_Demand in Deal Talk
I installed XTU and after disabling a few things it let me run the program. Its telling me my PL1 is already at 65w which is the standard spec if I remember so it wasnt throttled down at all. The...
Post #160078792 added 12-07-2022 9:43 AM by bughill99 in Deal Talk
I read that applies to the Costco Anywhere Visa which will no longer include any extended coverage for purchases. I've not seen that Costco's own extra coverage is going away. ...
Post #160078384 added 12-07-2022 9:30 AM by will403536 in Deal Talk
Thanks for doing this datapoint. I've been assiduously posting Cinebench R23 benchmarks for i7-12700/i7-12700H systems in threads where I can. Yes you can change PL1, PL2, PL1 time using apps such...
Post #160072237 added 12-07-2022 5:59 AM by Supply_and_Demand in Deal Talk
Running Cinnebench R23 I get about 16k multicore CPU score when its supposed to be around 21k. Lenovo throttled these CPUs down and someone mentioned messing with a bunch of settings to get it within...
Post #160059061 added 12-06-2022 4:40 PM by fiveighteen in Deal Talk
The extended warranty protections will end for new purchases made on or after Jan. 22, 2023. They'll still honor extended warranty on purchases made before that date, however. Hence wanting...
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