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Post #160166746 added 12-10-2022 2:42 AM by stasis in Deal Talk
I have so many handles now LOL. I wonder if anyone would buy them.
Post #160089436 added 12-07-2022 3:11 PM by Bargankiller in Deal Talk
😆 and some boys are still purchasing their products. SMH.
Post #160070161 added 12-07-2022 3:34 AM by DonkeyFinest in Deal Talk
Dorco is great. Has about 10 blades. Excellent quality.
Post #160067371 added 12-06-2022 10:19 PM by Bunchmanz in Deal Talk
Looks like you are correct. Box shows 1 handle 1 cartridge.
Post #160054486 added 12-06-2022 1:58 PM by techHunter in Deal Talk
You dont have to fill $10 for free pickup. Here is the trick. Add an expensive item into the cart and proceed to continue to checkout until you are in the review screen. Open the cart in another...
Post #160049365 added 12-06-2022 11:06 AM by JoeyNY in Deal Talk
Dec 6 the coupon didn’t come off at checkout.
Post #160048036 added 12-06-2022 10:23 AM by DraconianMeasures in Deal Talk
I have a lot of fusion replacement blades but lost the handle moving... So to be clear I could buy this and use those replacements? addendum: bought it needed filler for pickup used 2...
Post #160046866 added 12-06-2022 9:41 AM by rootbear in Deal Talk
What is the learning curve like? How bloody did you start out? No scars?
Post #160046056 added 12-06-2022 9:18 AM by alphazero007 in Deal Talk
"Boys are going to be boys" - Gillette
Incorrect. 1 cartridge total. I bought it
Post #160045147 added 12-06-2022 8:50 AM by Mrbrockj in Deal Talk
I would think with these overpriced posts more people would wake up and stop making Gillette more money.
Post #160043230 added 12-06-2022 7:48 AM by sergeantholmes in Deal Talk
I bought this on another deal and would not recommend for the average user without sensitive skin. I found I had to make 2-3 passes with this razor just to get a decent shave. Doubling my shave time...
Post #160042690 added 12-06-2022 7:33 AM by rootbear in Deal Talk
Unfortunately Walgreens cancelled my order a few minutes after confirming it as being in stock.
Post #160042327 added 12-06-2022 7:19 AM by bxraze in Deal Talk
Store pickup is always a nightmare with Walgreens. Good deal
Post #160039966 added 12-06-2022 5:40 AM by dep411 in Deal Talk
Best shave ever is with a DE or a straight. Hella cheaper and better shave. I stopped falling for these gimmicky marketing stuff they pump out.
Post #160034785 added 12-05-2022 9:53 PM by JulianS31 in Deal Talk
Literally just used it to shave an hour ago and felt buttery smooth. Your skin must be leather. 🥴
Post #160034002 added 12-05-2022 9:15 PM by wrcheatham in Deal Talk
It’s a great deal, except then you have to pay the insane regular price when you run out again. Skinguard is great. The price is criminal. In my experience, with very sensitive skin like I have, it’s...
Post #160031200 added 12-05-2022 7:20 PM by ericmillerjr in Deal Talk
Great idea on the gummy stocking stuffers. Thank you!
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