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Post #161703592 added 02-14-2023 1:09 PM by maria_bettina in Deal Talk
I know this is a late reply (I don't get notifications on my phone), but I ended up returning my brand new Vitamix. Turns out, besides the noise and vibration, the container leaked. After calling and...
Post #160927315 added 01-10-2023 12:39 PM by LunarisDream in Deal Talk
Only available as a separate purchase for $152 on Amazon right now and $199 from the manufacturer's website. According to a cursory look at the reviews, it is very heavy, has sharp edges at the top,...
Post #160865023 added 01-07-2023 12:45 AM by firststrike in Deal Talk
They do.have stainless steel container
Post #160865005 added 01-07-2023 12:43 AM by firststrike in Deal Talk
Deal is live again
Post #160247806 added 12-12-2022 7:45 PM by LunarisDream in Deal Talk
I'm happy to hear that you've made a purchase that suits your needs. That was the entire point of my comment. My previous blender was a black & decker and I agree that it was horribly underpowered. I...
Post #160247440 added 12-12-2022 7:30 PM by LunarisDream in Deal Talk
The cult of consumerism is mildly concerning. This forum certainly incentivizes new purchases and it's not preposterous to think there are forces at work to encourage people to spend spend spend, but...
Post #160241335 added 12-12-2022 3:43 PM by ShrewdBelieve6222 in Deal Talk
also looka the reviews many saying how much easier it was to use than their vitamix, how it performed better for their needs, and they even returned their vitamix blenders.
Post #160241005 added 12-12-2022 3:31 PM by ShrewdBelieve6222 in Deal Talk
yes and in that video the $100 blender worked fine? Also he bought the 1000w ninja blender. There is a more powerful model. ...
Post #160198414 added 12-11-2022 8:59 AM by MadPup in Deal Talk
https://youtu.be/KtVWtKn0_D4 'Nuff said. :)
Post #160190893 added 12-10-2022 10:56 PM by DontTaxBeer in Deal Talk
i paid $240 for my 7500 after Rktn cb and Chase cb, which is exactly this unit minus the presets. i used to have an oster and a black and decker and would blend kale, spinach, parsley, and a whole...
Post #160190761 added 12-10-2022 10:43 PM by ShrewdBelieve6222 in Deal Talk
That's a horrible argument. You can't compare to something lesser without having used it. I have a clarinet. It's one of the best you can buy at around $4500 new. I also had the absolute cheapest you...
Post #160190485 added 12-10-2022 10:18 PM by DontTaxBeer in Deal Talk
any fruit is just pure sugar and would throw me out of keto instantly. plus it would bring back nasty cravings for more sugar. it was no go for fruit for me. an apple has at least 23g of sugar in...
Post #160189672 added 12-10-2022 9:26 PM by MadPup in Deal Talk
'Nuff said.
Post #160189642 added 12-10-2022 9:24 PM by Tyross in Deal Talk
I like how the Vitamix Pro 750 blends, but mine has not been reliable at all. I'm on year 4.5 and it has been sent back for repairs three times. They just send you a refurb, except the last time...
Post #160189069 added 12-10-2022 8:51 PM by LunarisDream in Deal Talk
For anyone on the fence about dropping $400 on a blender, I wanted to chime in a little. I have never owned or tried a Vitamix blender. I did upgrade my blender from a Black & Decker this year with a...
Post #160187788 added 12-10-2022 7:40 PM by jarooty in Deal Talk
I've had my Vitamix since 2010, use it 4-5x a week every week. Still gets the job done tho I can tell it's begining to wear down some. Still got plenty of life though and still make great...
Post #160187059 added 12-10-2022 7:03 PM by MadPup in Deal Talk
Same here. It does tend to frost up over time though but can be cleaned with baking soda and elbow grease. BTW... Project Farm tested blenders: https://youtu.be/KtVWtKn0_D4
Post #160186687 added 12-10-2022 6:49 PM by madpearx in Deal Talk
I mean, I don't know the relative frequency of my use compared to others, but my Wildside jar just passed 10 years without a blemish
Post #160186657 added 12-10-2022 6:48 PM by Deal_Breaker2 in Deal Talk
Blendtec jar quality is poor. Depending on use frequency, plan on replacing it every year. Jars are not cheap either. I would not recommend Blendtec.
Post #160186438 added 12-10-2022 6:38 PM by j4c11 in Deal Talk
I don't know man. I get the buy it for life thing, but I think I'd rather get a less expensive, decent, new one every ten years. Tech improves over time, and a brand new shiny blender is better than...
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