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Post #162872321 added 04-11-2023 2:56 PM by dclive in Hot Deals
GPU said to be 40% faster than M1. Give it a shot, then let us know.
Post #162871262 added 04-11-2023 1:53 PM by easybeart in Hot Deals
Can this run Minecraft at 4k 144hz? My M1 Macbook Air can barely keep up at 4k ~90hz
Post #162418036 added 03-20-2023 8:27 AM by drcrasierfrane in Hot Deals
Upgraded to 16GB RAM and 512GB storage in the configurator. For under $1k this is going to be a beast.
Post #162105706 added 03-04-2023 3:48 PM by dyrne in Hot Deals
Man.. I'm coming from Linux and need ram for VMs and more cores and wanted to try apple out but it's cheaper just to buy multiple base models and stack them. This is silly
Post #162072580 added 03-03-2023 4:45 AM by spec2 in Hot Deals
Haha. Nice try to switch the subject. My original point was Apple shipped the stock models with 5400 RPM drives NOT that the user couldn’t crack the case and add a faster drive or order a CTO model...
Post #162057142 added 03-02-2023 11:09 AM by pfukjobydn in Hot Deals
I guess you're too simple to replace them with SSD's as every professional did.
Post #162057025 added 03-02-2023 11:05 AM by iota in Hot Deals
This isn't a limited-time deal - this is just the normal (educational discount) price. It's not going to change any time soon, most likely.
Post #162056875 added 03-02-2023 11:00 AM by hotaboy in Hot Deals
Does apple tend to end these deals or they stay on for a long time?
Post #161918521 added 02-24-2023 2:31 PM by spec2 in Hot Deals
You are the delusional one. I’ve been using Apple laptops since the early 1990s. But to prove you don’t know what you are talking about here are the stock specs for a 2009 MacBook Pro - note the 5400...
Post #161898115 added 02-23-2023 3:21 PM by pfukjobydn in Hot Deals
I didnt realize mods had removed my post, but you're delusional if you think 5400rpm drives were in macbook a few years ago, I've always had SSDs in my macbooks, since 2009
Post #161892442 added 02-23-2023 11:30 AM by thekfc in Hot Deals
Will ths be ok for our needs? Went for the 16/256 for $679, I will do store pickup instead of shipping as I work about 2 blocks from an Apple store. This will be our first Apple computer (we...
Post #161887678 added 02-23-2023 8:01 AM by starlights_ in Hot Deals
Thanks. Used Citi card via PayPal for additional 5%. Checked to confirm that Citi CC warranties still apply.
Post #161828395 added 02-20-2023 3:08 PM by dclive in Hot Deals
Wiki fixed! :)
Post #161828365 added 02-20-2023 3:07 PM by Jimmdean in Hot Deals
256GB mini pro?
Post #161807545 added 02-19-2023 3:01 PM by dclive in Hot Deals
Wiki updated.
Post #161807473 added 02-19-2023 2:57 PM by dclive in Hot Deals
Works perfectly. With a $499 mini in the bag, I can select a store then put in my info then get to a point where I need to key in the CC#. Stopped there....seems to work.
Post #161806660 added 02-19-2023 2:07 PM by ZForce915 in Hot Deals
I’m aware of the process, I’m suggesting it’s not working. Try getting to the payment page right now, can you?
Post #161801728 added 02-19-2023 9:04 AM by dclive in Hot Deals
Google “Apple Edu Store” Go there. Buy. Done. Anyone can, as has been said here repeatedly.
Post #161800915 added 02-19-2023 8:18 AM by ZForce915 in Hot Deals
For anyone still lingering around this thread… Can anyone use the Apple Education site? I can’t check out or sign into the site, I get a page cannot be found error.
Post #161775913 added 02-17-2023 6:41 PM by BlackFire in Hot Deals
Would this $499 model be good for acting as an Emby server including transcoding 4k for watching on a Roku? (would have external disk as HDD)
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