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Post #162052201 added 03-02-2023 8:06 AM by Colabeer in Hot Deals
Price now $27.99
Post #161163712 added 01-20-2023 9:34 PM by taiwan in Hot Deals
It's probably your Ollies, the ones I go to rarely had any good Transformers toy.
Post #161163694 added 01-20-2023 9:33 PM by taiwan in Hot Deals
I wish War for Cybertron made cassettes for Blaster. They made a ton of cassettes for Soundwave, including the one that came out recently Studios Series Core Class Rumble. For Titans Return,...
Post #161162311 added 01-20-2023 7:47 PM by EvilRellik in Hot Deals
As a re-release does anyone know if this is pretty close to the original or are there significant differences?
Post #161153830 added 01-20-2023 12:02 PM by liunit92 in Hot Deals
ollies bargain outlet?
Post #161153485 added 01-20-2023 11:47 AM by emessdee in Hot Deals
That's the real price. I'd say its a deal at $18
Post #161144953 added 01-20-2023 4:28 AM by GreyPartner337 in Hot Deals
Ollies had this one and a few other ones for 19.99.
Post #161137126 added 01-19-2023 4:55 PM by Mark2276 in Hot Deals
God bless those Uighurs.
Post #161135659 added 01-19-2023 3:38 PM by SociableCable377 in Hot Deals
Neat, I had one of these as a kid, a guy at a flea market gave it to me. Wish I still had it but I can always get this one instead
Post #161133121 added 01-19-2023 1:36 PM by NikonShr in Hot Deals
You's called sounwave shattered glass on hasbro site or ebay for a g1 reissue.
Post #161132320 added 01-19-2023 1:02 PM by WEVUDO in Hot Deals
Soundwave superior autobots inferior
Post #161130259 added 01-19-2023 11:38 AM by RealSweetBrown in Hot Deals
What if he/she enjoys eating dick?
Post #161129821 added 01-19-2023 11:20 AM by RobertS3397 in Hot Deals
some kid stole my Motor Master tool dammit
Post #161128015 added 01-19-2023 10:11 AM by Monkey4Lov in Hot Deals
How plasticy is this thing? Are there transformer toys still being sold that have more of that solid/metal feel.
Post #161124292 added 01-19-2023 7:53 AM by bruinfan07 in Hot Deals
More nostalgia-inducing toys on the front page of SD. I bought the SNES ornament and the Sega Genesis ornament. Must. Resist. Waste. of. $$! Always liked the Blaster toy, never got it when I...
Post #161123092 added 01-19-2023 6:51 AM by jasonlcraft in Hot Deals
If only I could find a Soundwave for this much (tape deck version of course, not that goofy spaceship crap)
Post #161121667 added 01-19-2023 5:27 AM by bansh77 in Hot Deals
I've always had a soft spot for Blaster. In my day.... Best Buys only sold real boom boxes (shakes stick)
Post #161118757 added 01-18-2023 9:54 PM by INVALID in Hot Deals
To the kid that never returned all my Transformers in the third grade, eat a dick.
Post #161117461 added 01-18-2023 8:25 PM by Jag-T1000 in Hot Deals
This kind of toy class was $19.99 two to three years ago. Now toy prices are ridiculously high. Only hardcore collectors buy them now.
Post #161112133 added 01-18-2023 4:11 PM by jl2672a in Hot Deals
Wow, apparently inflation never hits Transformers. I remember Blaster used to be $25 back in the 80’s and 90’s. And this version looks so much like the G1 cartoons.
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