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Post #161190655 added 01-22-2023 11:24 AM by supercali in Hot Deals
This one is $7.50 for 200 count, coupon in the page
Post #161187352 added 01-22-2023 8:26 AM by gr8scottaz in Hot Deals
You 100% have to take these with solid food or you will get stomach pain/nauseous within 5 min of taking these. If you do feel this, eat some crackers or whatever quickly and it will reside within a...
Post #161169937 added 01-21-2023 8:57 AM by SmartMoney857 in Hot Deals
Thanks for the heads up. Was not even aware of this compound.
Post #161164555 added 01-20-2023 11:00 PM by PowerfulRoom7508 in Hot Deals
Not sure if these are effective or not.But sure you will face unbearable Stomach pain for these multi vitamins.
Post #161163256 added 01-20-2023 8:52 PM by GeorgeMcFly in Hot Deals
I started on these a few years ago.. was taking them daily for a couple of weeks. I don't recall exactly what but I had some odd allergic reaction. Too bad it's hard to pinpoint the culprit...
Post #161163010 added 01-20-2023 8:30 PM by dealgator90 in Hot Deals
You will only "feel" something from taking vitamins if you are deficient or suspect yourself to be deficient in a vitamin. So for all you people that don't "feel" anything, you're likely not...
Post #161162911 added 01-20-2023 8:24 PM by BuddyLove99 in Hot Deals
If u don’t feel anything, take 2 😁
Post #161160202 added 01-20-2023 5:24 PM by !xobile! in Hot Deals
What you posted is not the updated ingredients list
Post #161158825 added 01-20-2023 4:01 PM by Khalkhalesh in Hot Deals
Ingredients Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Ascorbic Acid, dl-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate; Less than 2% of: Beta-Carotene, Biotin, Cholecalciferol, Chromium Chloride,...
Post #161148985 added 01-20-2023 8:30 AM by TomSharky in Hot Deals
I was about to buy until I read Titanium Dioxide, which is banned everywhere except the U.S. and Canada due to being a carcinogen. Just my perspective and why I will not buy.
Post #161144920 added 01-20-2023 4:25 AM by BBQchicken in Hot Deals
This deal is still available.
Post #161141830 added 01-19-2023 8:58 PM by spittlbm in Hot Deals
... and the science says... skip this one.
Post #161138257 added 01-19-2023 5:35 PM by essix8 in Hot Deals
Nutrition label: basically a very generic multivitamin with some boosted levels of stuff like biotin. Id buy...
Post #161136721 added 01-19-2023 4:36 PM by Ticalisoul in Hot Deals
Getting sufficient vitamins is not a tangible feeling, nor is this pill a cure-all for a bad diet and sedentary lifestyle. It saddens me to actually have to explain this concept to people and goes to...
Post #161136289 added 01-19-2023 4:09 PM by ape in Hot Deals
Vitamins are generally to provide what your body needs so you don’t get sick due to a deficiency. If you are not eating a wel balanced diet then vitamins can help avoid illnesses.
Post #161135911 added 01-19-2023 3:51 PM by starbelliedboy in Hot Deals
I mean .... If you don't feel any different when you take them, isn't it questionable whether they're doing anything at all?
Post #161135878 added 01-19-2023 3:50 PM by workerant in Hot Deals
Advertise and reading the label. That's not what it suppose to do? If it doesn't make any different whether I take it or not, than it's a waste of money. See, right in the title. With the...
Post #161135284 added 01-19-2023 3:19 PM by shade45 in Hot Deals
What is Pro Edge? I usually take regular and looks like Pro Edge is more expensive. Anyone know?
Post #161135119 added 01-19-2023 3:08 PM by rly723 in Hot Deals
I take the regular version of one a day,some days I don’t haveas much fruits or veggies, so I just take it, whether it makes much difference or not sure
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