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Post #162272791 added 03-12-2023 7:23 PM by cruisinfanatic in Hot Deals
Taxes on cruises are not based on the fare. The cost could be 20K and tax would be the same.
Post #162271720 added 03-12-2023 6:12 PM by wonderful1too in Hot Deals
I was very sick with Salmonella on the NCL Breakaway and that medical facility and staff was as modern and good as any medical facility I’ve ever been to.
Post #161329645 added 01-29-2023 4:39 AM by Leonidas in Hot Deals
There is nothing worse that taking a cruise because it was cheap. Terrible thing to be stuck on a ship with terrible people for multiple days. Oh and there will also be COVID, norovirus, and blocked...
Post #161317972 added 01-28-2023 12:03 PM by ChristianMcC in Hot Deals
Nothing leaving Chicago, either.
Post #161313970 added 01-28-2023 8:09 AM by cgigate in Hot Deals
When you are board, you will change $70 for gratuities, or $140 per cabin mandatory .
Post #161305648 added 01-27-2023 5:48 PM by pokypig101 in Hot Deals
Over $200 in taxes PER PERSON on a $343 fare. What an absolute joke of an advertised price.
Post #161278252 added 01-26-2023 1:55 PM by yelloe1213 in Hot Deals
Yupp, sad. Can’t get the pricing with more than 2 adults which makes no sense but it is what it is. Oh well.
Post #161277949 added 01-26-2023 1:42 PM by TheFrostyBoss in Hot Deals
Yeah, apparently when I book with just 2 adults, I get a 2-person cabin for ~$380 each. When I book for 4, the first 2 passengers are $914 each, the next 2 are about $375 (plus $226 in taxes/fees per...
Post #161244928 added 01-25-2023 4:53 AM by sammeedog in Hot Deals
For Carnival & Royal, I budget $50 per day on cruise for my slot machines habits. There's no rhyme of reason with these 2. Royal is mostly interiors, they don't actually email them, you have to look...
Post #161237119 added 01-24-2023 4:13 PM by wahoyaho in Hot Deals
how much do you have to spend to get the casino deals? Any good guides out there?
Post #161235421 added 01-24-2023 2:51 PM by EliteZags in Hot Deals
looking for one out of Galveston, TX
Post #161231395 added 01-24-2023 11:52 AM by yelloe1213 in Hot Deals
I had the 1 kid. And it’s on the page before it tells me it’s $xxxx price. Then when I click it it gives me a completely diff price. I add in how many people in the beginning so they have all the...
Post #161231317 added 01-24-2023 11:49 AM by malba2366 in Hot Deals
Probably because you are looking at a different cabin category when you add in the kids. The cheapest balcony "guarantee" cabins where they chose the cabin may not be available with 4 guests, and...
Post #161230987 added 01-24-2023 11:35 AM by malba2366 in Hot Deals
Yeah, but kids sail free is a pretty good deal because Alaska cruises are usually excluded from this promotion. Obviously doesn't help people with no kids, but if you are ok putting 4 in a cabin...
Post #161228140 added 01-24-2023 9:33 AM by yelloe1213 in Hot Deals
Has anyone actually been able to get this “sale”? When I price it out with the kid, they raise the prices of the adult fares significantly. When I called into royal Caribbean they couldn’t replicate...
Post #161227246 added 01-24-2023 8:51 AM by whirlybird720 in Hot Deals
upgrade to a balcony or suite and the price goes up 10x-15x. and that's before drink package and flights. boo, no deal.
Post #161223388 added 01-24-2023 4:46 AM by sammeedog in Hot Deals
Not impressed over those prices, but if I were going to do it, balcony all the way. Best prices come from casino deals. I'm always getting free or nearly free from Royal & Carnival. You still have to...
Post #161213296 added 01-23-2023 2:17 PM by Ofuroski in Hot Deals
Definitely hit up the north shore (pipeline / turtle bay) and Hanauma Bay (snorkeling) if you’re going back to Oahu.
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