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Post #161237995 added 01-24-2023 4:57 PM by MattM5123 in Hot Deals
Has anyone every tried to plug these bad boys?
Post #161222053 added 01-23-2023 11:55 PM by infin8007 in Hot Deals
so which is hte better deal costco or amazon?
Post #161221828 added 01-23-2023 11:23 PM by LucidXY in Hot Deals
Yah, can be cut easily. Just meant better if wasn’t needed do that extra step. For be much better take an extra one half hour later if didn’t work first time can take another shot. Harder/more...
Post #161217778 added 01-23-2023 6:12 PM by Jambitz in Hot Deals
take this instead its 20mg 240ct $8.49
Post #161205847 added 01-23-2023 8:10 AM by TalentedDesk7409 in Hot Deals
Here is the same brand from Amazon. Costco sells the same but 120 count Nature Made High Absorption Magnesium Citrate 200 mg per serving, Dietary Supplement for Muscle, Nerve, Bone and Heart...
Post #161205709 added 01-23-2023 8:04 AM by WDEagle in Hot Deals
Can you link the product that you use?
Post #161205667 added 01-23-2023 8:02 AM by WDEagle in Hot Deals
My wife will not allow me to be uncaffinated.
Post #161205562 added 01-23-2023 7:56 AM by TalentedDesk7409 in Hot Deals
I used to have sleeping problems and the last year it fixed itself and i could not figure our what i changed that fixed it. After reading the messages i realized i added magnesium gummy vitamins, the...
Post #161205535 added 01-23-2023 7:54 AM by muffin30082 in Hot Deals
Wish I could, but just can't cut out coffee, it's breakfast!
Post #161205508 added 01-23-2023 7:52 AM by muffin30082 in Hot Deals
There are better gummies to be had(in some states), just not available at costco.
Post #161204695 added 01-23-2023 7:12 AM by brady7387 in Hot Deals
Actually it equals out to eight.
Post #161201356 added 01-22-2023 11:54 PM by wishyouwerhere in Hot Deals
This person brings up a great point. Amazon brand is double the amount but not double the price of this "deal".
Post #161198881 added 01-22-2023 8:02 PM by viperninjamaster in Hot Deals
Why does this look like it's marketed towards children? Labeling, the name etc.
Post #161198101 added 01-22-2023 7:20 PM by AmusedShoe273 in Hot Deals
Work fine, but: they clump together and harden if you don't use them quickly. Also they are extremely chewy and stick to the inside of my molars. Be sure to take them before you brush your teeth at...
Post #161196886 added 01-22-2023 5:55 PM by smboyle05 in Hot Deals
Lot of insomnia solution stories so I’ll share mine… I usually wake to pee at night and can’t fall back asleep. Mind starts racing. Tried a lot of things: melatonin, tryptophan, weed, etc. Nothing...
Post #161195827 added 01-22-2023 4:40 PM by FantasticScene8228 in Hot Deals
Take it from someone that used to take big melatonin doses and double dosed Tylenol PM. BTW, I fixed all of this when I realized an ingredient in Tylenol PM can cause early onset dementia. I was...
Post #161195086 added 01-22-2023 3:54 PM by david61983 in Hot Deals
Gummies can definitely be great for sleep. But not this kind 😃
Post #161194363 added 01-22-2023 3:06 PM by ksywa in Hot Deals
At this time I do not take any of it, but 20 mg was my dose.
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