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Post #161675485 added 02-13-2023 7:21 AM by DannyY2763 in Deal Talk
Sure. It's a pretty straight forward Linux based unit, which frankly runs better than any Android based units because it's so light. I primarily use it with my iPhone running CarPlay, so it's pretty...
Post #161584171 added 02-08-2023 2:23 PM by machwulf in Deal Talk
Be wary w/ Chinese units, Atoto especially is NOT Double-DIN compliant. Wasted bloody HOURS prepping all the cables, harnesses etc- just for this stupid thing to end up nearly 1/4” out of spec ! ...
Post #161447587 added 02-03-2023 6:38 AM by Blindsorrow in Deal Talk
Thanks, the specs link you posted is unfortunately broken, but rather than just a front camera display I was hoping the head unit (ATOTO , etc.) could also replace a separate dashcam continuous video...
Post #161414872 added 02-01-2023 6:41 PM by lottathought in Deal Talk
I do not have or use a Front Dashcam. I know that my model (S8) has both rear backup and front dashcam hookups. I really can't say if you can record to the head unit or if you would just use the head...
Post #161406874 added 02-01-2023 1:06 PM by Blindsorrow in Deal Talk
One last newbie Q: Do any of these units have dashcam front camera + recorder ability or option? (Researched this model and a few others, couldn't find any mention of dashcam/front camera.)
Post #161368195 added 01-30-2023 11:43 PM by Blindsorrow in Deal Talk
Thank you, will pay heed to everything you mentioned!
Post #161359360 added 01-30-2023 2:10 PM by BlueCalendar4084 in Deal Talk
I've had Pumpkin unit in me vehicle for around 5 years now. Mostly good experience. Something to be aware of during install, though. Apparently Asian DIN opening size is different than what we...
Post #161358241 added 01-30-2023 1:11 PM by MCeatalot in Deal Talk
Lmao. I almost choked my lunch food after reading your comment. Thanks for the laugh!
Post #161347453 added 01-30-2023 4:30 AM by db999md in Deal Talk
Most car stereos have a yellow wire that is supposed to be connected to a constant power source to help it remember FM presets in some other settings. You'll probably want to have two power supplies...
Post #161329507 added 01-29-2023 4:17 AM by Bigbanks in Deal Talk
Make a YouTube and discuss how you do it. Get some views. Just be normal, people will love it
Post #161319310 added 01-28-2023 1:23 PM by SolarisEtone in Deal Talk
I have the Atoto F7 XE (Extreme) 7” double din unit that’s currently listed for $199. I think it’s great value for money, the speed of the system is fine and CarPlay works wired and wirelessly...
Post #161316526 added 01-28-2023 10:38 AM by Beach2TheRocks in Deal Talk
You need to connect the dimming wire externally outside of the harness. Honda works different. Tap into grey wire at the hazard switch. Not sure what your issue is with the SWC but you probably...
Post #161313256 added 01-28-2023 7:27 AM by DoodleJinx in Deal Talk
This is great! Never knew portable CarPlay units were an option.
Post #161313067 added 01-28-2023 7:14 AM by toyobaru13 in Deal Talk
If you like the CarPlay/AndroidAuto UI then grab the ATOTO P8 as it's the mobile & portable version. Powered by 12v cigarette port so it can be easily convert to ac prong for in-home house.
Post #161311957 added 01-28-2023 6:04 AM by agentsteve in Deal Talk
Can be done with the 12v power from a computer PSU. The combined cost will probably be so high that you could have just bought a much better system meant to be used in a home though.
Post #161310169 added 01-28-2023 12:59 AM by lottathought in Deal Talk
Well...this ATOTO is on clearance and under the price range that you are asking about. The specs that I would pay attention to are CPU and memory. Again....bottom baseline would be Quad core,...
Post #161308849 added 01-27-2023 9:36 PM by noworry in Deal Talk
You can find these refurbished on ebay for about $120. Cheapest wireless carplay head unit I can find.
Post #161304772 added 01-27-2023 4:56 PM by greyster in Deal Talk
I have the 8inch F7 XE version of this unit. Great product. Works wirelessly with both iPhone and android. I like also that my model supports satellite radio. Hardest part is working out...
Post #161302090 added 01-27-2023 2:18 PM by Lm0917 in Deal Talk
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