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Post #161490364 added 02-04-2023 5:48 PM by Zookeeperdrc in Deal Talk
Can repeat up to 3 times for 1 account. Great deal!
Post #161469688 added 02-04-2023 6:42 AM by firebirdude in Deal Talk
Doesn't stack with the 35% (up to $20) first-timer S&S discount. You can get regular 5% S&S discount and the gift card, or the first timer discount. Can't do both. So it would depend on your "usual"...
Post #161467738 added 02-04-2023 3:24 AM by IndigoGalley3995 in Deal Talk
What did u order? I tried that code and my items aren’t included
Post #161427424 added 02-02-2023 9:35 AM by SlickDDD in Deal Talk
Same here. So I'm going another route... Try "DOGGIEPALOOZA", this took an additional $15 off my order. A better deal since it's an instant discount than GC
Post #161426479 added 02-02-2023 8:59 AM by unboltedfork in Deal Talk
Chewy offers me 35% off on my first auto-ship order which comes to $30. If I apply the promo code "WINTER" it reduces my auto-ship discount to 5% ($6)
Post #161400724 added 02-01-2023 9:38 AM by DesertGardener in Deal Talk
Aww yeah the birthday cards are so nice! I'm always so surprised when I receive one.
Post #161396362 added 02-01-2023 7:02 AM by pr4mojo in Deal Talk
Chewy are great! I’ve heard similar stories to yours. They send our cat a birthday card every year and their shipping speeds are crazy fast.
Post #161391817 added 01-31-2023 11:12 PM by flashfir in Deal Talk
Catfooddb is one of the best sources it seems that try to measure food, someone linked to it but you're happy to dunk on people on the internet who are wrong Funny thing is you are wrong in trying...
Post #161391658 added 01-31-2023 10:55 PM by flashfir in Deal Talk
Yeah I'll echo what I see in top comments, CS matches Amazon at it's best. 2 toys cats don't use? They noticed my negative review and comped me and didn't ask for them back, asking to give them to...
Post #161381920 added 01-31-2023 1:54 PM by sflv in Deal Talk
Was able to order Wellness Dog cans which are not always included in promos, thank you.
Post #161370520 added 01-31-2023 5:44 AM by laurmadillo in Deal Talk
I totally agree. When my Koko died, I contacted them to see if I could return his (very expensive) unopened food. They told me to donate it, refunded me, and sent a bouquet of flowers for my loss. I...
Post #161368768 added 01-31-2023 2:13 AM by XperTeeZ in Deal Talk
Amazon also has 30 off 100 on select dog food
Post #161368741 added 01-31-2023 2:08 AM by OwlEyes in Deal Talk
Of course. Right after I place a huge order just 2 days ago.
Post #161367700 added 01-30-2023 10:35 PM by chelosera91 in Deal Talk
Thinking about getting the 2 pack setesto collars but I'm still $15 short. What else What else.
Post #161366305 added 01-30-2023 8:30 PM by k2dub125 in Deal Talk
I can't use it. All my regular things are on the exclusion list except my chicken feed.
Post #161365864 added 01-30-2023 8:03 PM by HapShaughnessy in Deal Talk
Because most vets have either been assimilated by the megacorps since university or are forced to sell it if their clinics are owned by a huge corporation that makes pet food: see Banfield. Buying...
Post #161364784 added 01-30-2023 6:57 PM by el_cheapo in Deal Talk
Commenters (trolls) who leave negative and childish remarks without any real proof are a waste of space.
Post #161364766 added 01-30-2023 6:56 PM by el_cheapo in Deal Talk
Thats what my vet prescribed for my dog and his skin allergies and itchy spits are gone.
Post #161364400 added 01-30-2023 6:36 PM by chewable1 in Deal Talk
Hmm i was thinking about getting the hydrolyzed protein to evaluate a possible food allergy. Why is it "trash" and is there a good alternative?
Post #161364376 added 01-30-2023 6:35 PM by cnvrtble98 in Deal Talk
Royal Canin is absolute trash...
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