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Post #161771128 added 02-17-2023 2:02 PM by lostdecoy in Deal Talk
Just got a $10 off coupon emailed to me by Woot so I was able to buy a pack for $19.99
Post #161642428 added 02-11-2023 8:45 AM by Dennykrane in Deal Talk
For the ones hating on these flavors, what flavors do you all like? I am a very picky coffee drinker and the vanilla is probably one of my favorite flavors. I drink my coffee black 90 percent of the...
Post #161606140 added 02-09-2023 1:04 PM by HappyLumber3433 in Deal Talk
Yes, the Capmesso ones on Amazon (about 12 cents each) are the ones that I like the best. I've tried two other brands. They all work fine, but these just peel on and off nicer. The original isn't...
Post #161595364 added 02-09-2023 4:51 AM by looser24 in Deal Talk
Wow. More waste. Great.
Post #161593363 added 02-08-2023 11:43 PM by coalregion in Deal Talk
They will send free postage paid recycling bags. They recycle the aluminum. You’re welcome.
Post #161592334 added 02-08-2023 9:46 PM by TheDude_Abides in Deal Talk
Nice price but 💩 flavors. Pass
Post #161590945 added 02-08-2023 8:09 PM by backforwardback in Deal Talk
Because it will create centrifugal coffee You could buy this but it is a bit more:applause: Yes, similar technology....but hear his...
Post #161589673 added 02-08-2023 6:55 PM by Honcho in Deal Talk
The bags are free from Nespresso. Granted, it's a $35 minimum to get free shipping, but each bag holds 200 and you can get multiple with each order, so if you hit the occasional front page deal like...
Post #161589346 added 02-08-2023 6:38 PM by skibum2 in Deal Talk
Why bother buying a Nespresso machine?
Post #161589268 added 02-08-2023 6:34 PM by backforwardback in Deal Talk
If you open a pod it is not espresso grade. They spin the pods so you do not want superfine or finely ground. If you use the metal pods on break your unit. Those pods are too heavy....
Post #161588965 added 02-08-2023 6:16 PM by SearchingDeals2 in Deal Talk
No they dont
Post #161588662 added 02-08-2023 6:00 PM by Silme in Deal Talk
Big IF. Quite impossible IF unless you buy overpriced capsules from Nespresso or Peete's directly, Amazon or Costco deals won't come with the recycling bags.
Post #161588599 added 02-08-2023 5:57 PM by Silme in Deal Talk
Per Peete's website they only want Peete's capsules. I have a bunch of Nespresso / Peete's / L'Or / Sonoma used capsules but no one wants to recycle them together.
Post #161588329 added 02-08-2023 5:44 PM by nyczalex in Deal Talk
Great deal if youre buying/wanting those flavors but I would say most people aren't playing to buy that exact combo.
Post #161587726 added 02-08-2023 5:08 PM by JohnR5283 in Deal Talk
Jesus! you are just a joy to be around I bet.
Post #161587276 added 02-08-2023 4:46 PM by Defender1009 in Deal Talk
Reuse VertuoLine Capsules Lid, BENFUCHEN Reusable Coffee Capsule Discs For Original Vertuoline Pods, Coffee Pod Silicone Cap Compatible With Nespresso Vertuo Pods, 2 Discs
Post #161587264 added 02-08-2023 4:45 PM by Defender1009 in Deal Talk
Sure, here you go. Mine seem to be NLA, but these look identical. I think mine were $20 for a 4 pack with the scoop and brush. Too expensive really for what it is, but an incredibly quick ROI given...
Post #161587048 added 02-08-2023 4:34 PM by i23dre in Deal Talk
Link please?
Post #161586913 added 02-08-2023 4:26 PM by HRM621 in Deal Talk
So I’ve been looking to buy a nespresso machine but wasn’t sure which one to get. Any recommendations? Any good deals out there?
Post #161586829 added 02-08-2023 4:23 PM by dadab in Deal Talk
Any suggestions on the stickers? Do they stick well as it comes with the capsules?
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