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Post #161707732 added 02-14-2023 4:46 PM by ViperDaSnake in Deal Talk
While he's at it... Where the hell did I leave my 10MM?!?!
Post #161669461 added 02-12-2023 7:43 PM by bd75 in Deal Talk
These arrived, the neck is flat and thin like a box wrench. They are going back.
Post #161665897 added 02-12-2023 2:36 PM by TRUMP_XD in Deal Talk
Need a deal on 🔧, just regular, no ratcheting… anybody got one?
Post #161633314 added 02-10-2023 5:29 PM by htmoc in Deal Talk
Bought this back in July for 20.XX. Great little tool and works perfect with all those Milkwaukee bits you get in those TicTac containers.
Post #161632207 added 02-10-2023 4:28 PM by OneOfTooMany in Deal Talk
I work hand tools everyday, and this is something I never thought I might need. Now that I see it here on sale, I'm beginning to imagine possible scenarios to use this.... the miracle of SD
Post #161619952 added 02-10-2023 6:35 AM by TealIdea227 in Deal Talk
That specific review is for the 90T 3/8" compact head, which has been merrily greedflationing away since. I hope it winds up being worth what I paid for it. So, speaking of which, has anyone ran...
Post #161610292 added 02-09-2023 4:19 PM by bd75 in Deal Talk
This is 2 cents shy of all time low according to three camels.
Post #161607043 added 02-09-2023 1:41 PM by ISKRA87 in Deal Talk
Thank you for highlighting that, I would’ve skipped over it. I am buying one right now specifically because of your comment, thanks!!
Post #161606932 added 02-09-2023 1:38 PM by ISKRA87 in Deal Talk
If it helps, Gear Wrench actually held up well in the top spots according to this in-depth test: I ended up getting the 1/2” model and it sure is nice. I now...
Post #161606614 added 02-09-2023 1:25 PM by bktj600 in Deal Talk
That Icon set is phenomenal, and very handy. I’d say it’s similar but instead of having an extension to lengthen the handle this GEARWRENCH is one solid piece. You also only get a hex to 1/4” drive...
Post #161605720 added 02-09-2023 12:50 PM by doubletoaster in Deal Talk
Just use the warranty if the 1/4" drive tears off, ha ha
Post #161603350 added 02-09-2023 11:13 AM by umustwait101 in Deal Talk
but then there are those times every once in a while that you're missing the right tool for the job and wish you had it.
Post #161603002 added 02-09-2023 10:58 AM by netstroller in Deal Talk
It seems like Amazon's really gone downhill after Bezos moved on. They now have a lot more of posting list prices to look like regular prices. "Sold by Amazon" used to mean you have a better chance...
Post #161600683 added 02-09-2023 9:23 AM by RyanL in Deal Talk
72 tooth count isn't bad but yeah, 84 would've been much better IMO.
Post #161599327 added 02-09-2023 8:25 AM by tbc801 in Deal Talk
No! I know you can trade a broken wrench for a not broken wrench, I do believe it is called a warranty? Aaand, and. AND. It’s free for life with most high end, hell even lower end tools.
Post #161599258 added 02-09-2023 8:23 AM by yoyo_0226 in Deal Talk
So it is similar to this ICON:
Post #161598034 added 02-09-2023 7:24 AM by DrParnassus in Deal Talk
Best part about this thing is you can remove the 1/4 drive thing and insert....let's say a torx bit for tight low profile areas. Used this a lot on cars.
Post #161597452 added 02-09-2023 6:55 AM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
Don't confuse the list price with the typical selling price. The List Price is the suggested retail price of a new product as provided by a manufacturer, supplier, or seller. Except for books,...
Post #161597182 added 02-09-2023 6:42 AM by Rustygun in Deal Talk
$23.30 Amazon price is a 47% discount, where Home Depot's $24.18 is regular price. Amazon (once again) makes you feel like you're getting a great deal!
Post #161596513 added 02-09-2023 6:01 AM by lubedeals in Deal Talk
Glad I'm not alone.
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