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Post #161857546 added 02-21-2023 8:33 PM by gironhe in Deal Talk
I got my jacket today, they run larger than actual. My only complaint is the stupid button on the sleeve it gets in the way.
Post #161782636 added 02-18-2023 7:18 AM by Dualityny in Deal Talk
The only available sizes for this particular jacket are: Small and Medium. Not Good option’s.
Post #161760451 added 02-17-2023 5:50 AM by leezyondarise in Deal Talk
Ah man, sorry. Yeah mine was 56
Post #161752387 added 02-16-2023 5:24 PM by thatoneguy2012 in Deal Talk
I don’t comment much but I have a closet full of Duluth clothing. At first I loved them, over the last year. Everything is falling apart and the crotch is ripping out of pants. My jackets every elbow...
Post #161731348 added 02-15-2023 7:01 PM by RH7260 in Deal Talk
I have several of the 100 cotton fire hose pants and a couple shorts I purchased these on super sales.... and I would rate carhart duck a distant third out of the two primarily due to stiffer, not...
Post #161731276 added 02-15-2023 6:56 PM by RH7260 in Deal Talk
Read size guide??? Xxl is 50-52 That would be quite a bit larger than 47-48
Post #161715154 added 02-15-2023 5:44 AM by ishmane4 in Deal Talk
Where do you see this
Post #161692600 added 02-14-2023 1:56 AM by darett in Deal Talk
everything runs big or roomier
Post #161666788 added 02-12-2023 3:59 PM by lakerfrank in Deal Talk
Joel Last of Us cosplay.
Post #161666545 added 02-12-2023 3:37 PM by DanWally in Deal Talk
Medium size only
Post #161648881 added 02-11-2023 3:37 PM by provokedtomcat in Deal Talk
Only medium size available right now
Post #161646922 added 02-11-2023 1:18 PM by sobitthen in Deal Talk
Clicked link, adblockers stopped it, saw link to item in listing of parameters, followed link, appears only Medium size left, was only option there for me... Great find for those still wearing a...
Post #161646898 added 02-11-2023 1:17 PM by FuschiaCatfish203 in Deal Talk
To be fair, Porsche is not that bad either
Post #161643805 added 02-11-2023 10:03 AM by MadmanJoe in Deal Talk
Medium now the only size available.
Post #161643082 added 02-11-2023 9:23 AM by SmartBike8066 in Deal Talk
Walmart quality made in China kiss my yuan
Post #161640352 added 02-11-2023 6:27 AM by ash78 in Deal Talk
Duluth Large is very close to XXL in most brands. Not even kidding. I have 2 large shirts and a large down AKHG vest from there. I’m 6’2”, 210#, with a 47-48 chest and they still swallow me whole. ...
Post #161638780 added 02-11-2023 3:20 AM by WetDayDream in Deal Talk
*Fat people excluded Lol at large being the biggest size
Post #161637187 added 02-10-2023 10:00 PM by BravePanther616 in Deal Talk
Thank you OP! I put the jacket in the cart for $49, then looked around to break the $50 barrier for free shipping.. I found a 20% coupon for signing up with my email and then found 2 nice shirts on...
Post #161637082 added 02-10-2023 9:47 PM by BravePanther616 in Deal Talk
Nice one but the whaleback jacket looks to be $180, did you get a better deal?!?
Post #161634970 added 02-10-2023 7:09 PM by MyCoke in Deal Talk
Here’s a 20% I’m not going to use E3WL02C1
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