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Post #163422668 added 05-11-2023 3:46 AM by purplravioli in Deal Talk
FYI, target’s price match policy specifically prohibits using circle or registry discounts with a price match: “We’re not able to price match if … You are also using a Target Circle offer, Registry...
Post #163374194 added 05-08-2023 2:34 PM by poqw54 in Deal Talk
So i missed this event. Are the coupons still valid? Anyone have a coupon that they could share?
Post #163001936 added 04-18-2023 1:11 PM by Seanzo in Deal Talk
I did not get mines rightaway. It actually took 14 days for me to see my 15% discount but YMMV.
Post #163001318 added 04-18-2023 12:35 PM by sigma722 in Deal Talk
you can use the coupon twice from circle app.
Post #163000682 added 04-18-2023 12:02 PM by rx2014 in Deal Talk
Did you get the 15% off registry discount right away? The registry policy says you have to have the account active for 14 days before you get the 15% coupon
Post #162998975 added 04-18-2023 10:44 AM by OWL114 in Deal Talk
Anyone happened to take a picture of the code
Post #162995465 added 04-18-2023 8:06 AM by yjk98 in Deal Talk
Does the coupon only work on only one item? I need a stroller and a car seat.
Post #162994151 added 04-18-2023 6:58 AM by RelaxedWing3098 in Deal Talk
Did not even know they did that. I'll look into it. Thanks!
Post #162990689 added 04-18-2023 12:23 AM by tHeiMmOrTaL in Deal Talk
Wouldn't it be better to price match at target and then ask for the extra 15% off? Target's price match is incredible
Post #162982367 added 04-17-2023 3:35 PM by RelaxedWing3098 in Deal Talk
Brought in a old car seat today with the intention of buying a new booster seat for our kid. Just as we were going to put it in our shopping cart I checked Amazon and found the one we were gonna buy...
Post #162976412 added 04-17-2023 11:01 AM by Ilker2000 in Deal Talk
Box was right in front of customer service and you could scan the barcode no one checked it.
Post #162970418 added 04-17-2023 6:21 AM by Darren85 in Deal Talk
The median delivery date is 1-4 days after due date. You are more likely to be “late” than “early” but there is of course a distribution. See:
Post #162967811 added 04-17-2023 12:02 AM by sallyjc in Deal Talk
Got a Stokke high chair, the natural color was already sold out, and it looks like the other colors are quickly selling out too. I don't have my baby registry coupon yet but planning on returning and...
Post #162967004 added 04-16-2023 9:48 PM by tilakkumar in Deal Talk
Register for baby registry in Target and you will get extra 15%. I got it for $118 today. Just FYI, 5% will not be applied
Post #162966767 added 04-16-2023 9:17 PM by meranamjoker in Deal Talk
i was looking for a travel system which was $300+ on amazon. Target had it for ~$250, with this coupon it made it more than $100 off amazon price !
Post #162966734 added 04-16-2023 9:13 PM by Idontbuyenough in Deal Talk
The car seat I've been wanting to purchase (Graco slim fit) was $219 and I'd still similarly priced elsewhere. It's now on sale for $175 and is $133 after the 20% off and the extra 5% off Graco....
Post #162963998 added 04-16-2023 5:33 PM by munnakha05 in Deal Talk
you are right. In addition, Target made sure they jacked up the price by 20% before they offered 20% off coupon. Target basically gets your old car seat for free and throws it away after you drop...
Post #162962054 added 04-16-2023 2:56 PM by BRPXR600R in Deal Talk
Do Miata seats qualify?
Post #162960803 added 04-16-2023 1:23 PM by meranamjoker in Deal Talk
After scanning the code, it takes a while (20-30mins?) but after that all eligible items show 20% off in item description page with a + sign. You need to click that and then 'save offer'. Now it...
Post #162960383 added 04-16-2023 12:47 PM by SensiblePenguin6669 in Deal Talk
I think you have to go into wallet section and scroll at the top until you see the 20% off offer and then add it to your wallet
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