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Post #162564439 added 03-27-2023 4:00 PM by josemtelle in Deal Talk
That's true that every county might have things acceptable. Given the product here what i can say is that a veterinary has told me that many dogs that come with liver problems have been fed either...
Post #162564337 added 03-27-2023 3:56 PM by josemtelle in Deal Talk
That's why we feed them with the good stuff
Post #162532165 added 03-25-2023 6:34 PM by bajanboy5809 in Deal Talk
Well the obvious flaw with your argument is food and safety standards, dog food and treats are not held to the same standards as human food is.
Post #162510919 added 03-24-2023 2:34 PM by karrikarri in Deal Talk
Rawhide…for the pet owner who wants their dog dead.
Post #162510655 added 03-24-2023 2:19 PM by wowbaka in Deal Talk
I think every country have acceptable and non-acceptable ingredients. It's just hard as a consumer to tell what to do. For example, I couldn't remember what ingredient Mexico put in the hand...
Post #162500257 added 03-24-2023 5:54 AM by darrinv8 in Deal Talk
Hard pass on rawhide. I have had 2 doggos choke on it and I have had to go in and remove. Never again!!!
Post #162498280 added 03-24-2023 12:46 AM by godzen in Deal Talk
well I'm Asian and I eat out at Asian restaurants from time to time and those are usually made from "fresher" produces and ingredients? I understand with globalization one really can't escape...
Post #162497863 added 03-23-2023 11:42 PM by JayZak in Deal Talk
you never had Chinese food or pho??? not even kungfu panda express?
Post #162496876 added 03-23-2023 9:55 PM by coolio16484 in Deal Talk
What about Asian grocery stores where most everything is sourced from Asia? China, Vietnam, I have eaten foods made from there my whole life without any problems. Many Asian people in America eat...
Was about to say the same thing but you beat me to it!
Post #162493384 added 03-23-2023 6:17 PM by CollegeRamenEat in Deal Talk
If they aren’t made from real dingo, this is false advertising
Post #162492262 added 03-23-2023 5:21 PM by josemtelle in Deal Talk
Coming from a veterinary, treats should be bought only if they're from the US preferably (I think Mexico is also acceptable). Cheap dog food or treats ultimately have a very bad effect, mainly...
Post #162489232 added 03-23-2023 2:44 PM by Deals_For_Me in Deal Talk
They put lead in everything to make the colors pop. Don’t trust them with dog treats
Post #162489130 added 03-23-2023 2:40 PM by Bractar in Deal Talk
I do agree. But you already eat a lot a things coming from China without knowing it. Like honey (they mix it with sugar made from rice and then US resellers mix it again with their own bland)
Post #162486406 added 03-23-2023 12:30 PM by jlwren in Deal Talk
I wouldn't buy anythink edible for me or my dog made in China or Vietnam.
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