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Post #162586618 added 03-28-2023 1:31 PM by Mrsaver1234 in Hot Deals
These things are junk I bought 2 and they didn’t even last a month before they started ripping apart. I weigh 170lbs, I would buy something better. I got the REI ones on sale for $22 each, I got 5 of...
Post #162530746 added 03-25-2023 4:41 PM by Roland00 in Hot Deals
Bought this 3 days ago in store as an impulse for it was on an end cap and the price caught my eye. I am disappointed for other similar chairs have been comfortable and this one is not. Whatever,...
Post #162526438 added 03-25-2023 11:55 AM by koolhandnick in Hot Deals
No deal. Didn't these use to be $5 all day long? Academy raised the price on theirs to 6. Seems a little high for what it is. I doubt they are more durable better materials now.
Post #162525238 added 03-25-2023 10:41 AM by DealisActuallyNoDeal in Hot Deals
How d f is this a slick deal? Isn’t it the Same price, like, every Summer?
Post #162523915 added 03-25-2023 9:29 AM by TinyRK in Hot Deals
Using them for what? As a night stand for all the MacDonald’s meals?
Post #162521386 added 03-25-2023 6:57 AM by 19KobukProject in Hot Deals
This chair is junk. You buy junk you get junk. This is junk.
Post #162519709 added 03-25-2023 3:37 AM by TrustJenkins in Hot Deals
Chair looks sturdy. I saw them using it on My 600 Pound Life.
Post #162516205 added 03-24-2023 7:53 PM by DrSeuss in Hot Deals
Agreed, MSRP is misleading. Usually the $20+ camping chairs are more reinforced or “oversized”. But yeah for $8, still a good deal.
Post #162515611 added 03-24-2023 7:11 PM by jdshear01 in Hot Deals
I have some older ones that have held up decently well...the failure point is usually the cloth somewhere or one of the plastic junction pieces will crack and fail or a rivet will fall out. I think...
Post #162513769 added 03-24-2023 5:10 PM by turboc20 in Hot Deals
Not good. Comparing to the normal price $10 here: This one is $2 cheaper but it's smaller and lighter.
Post #162505543 added 03-24-2023 10:21 AM by arribasn in Hot Deals
fair deal but $22 MSRP seems misleading, these are seem to usually be around $10 or less on sale, here is the blue one for same normal price or black one
Post #162505459 added 03-24-2023 10:18 AM by Heartless472 in Hot Deals
Weight capacity: 225 lbs Carry weight: 4.4 lbs Open Dimensions: 32.1" H x19.1" W x 31.9" L
Post #162505420 added 03-24-2023 10:17 AM by edge929 in Hot Deals
Needed a couple new folding chairs. The screw in the back that holds the cloth always rips eventually but for $8 they should be fine for a few years.
Post #162505159 added 03-24-2023 10:08 AM by cookmyself in Hot Deals
Ozark Trail Quad Folding Camp Chair 2 Pack,with Mesh Cup Holder $9.98/EA Qty: 1 I got the same stuff in dec 2021 and use them occasionally when going picnic or sit in the yard. I store it in a...
Post #162518731 added 03-24-2023 7:43 AM by SaltyOne in Hot Deals
Walmart has Ozark Trail Basic Quad Folding Camp Chair w/ Cup Holder (Red) on sale for $7.88. Choose free store pick up where stock permits, otherwise shipping is free w/ Walmart+ (30-day free trial...
Post #162502051 added 03-24-2023 7:43 AM by ppxyz1 in Hot Deals
Walmart has Ozark Trail Basic Quad Folding Camp Chair w/ Cup Holder (Red, Adult) for $7.88. Choose Free Store pickup where available, otherwise Shipping is free w/ Walmart+ (free trial available) or...

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