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Post #164733290 added 07-15-2023 6:03 PM by vin2000 in Hot Deals
The normal price is approximately $23
Post #164731997 added 07-15-2023 4:09 PM by RumbleTheBison in Hot Deals
Oh yea, I got a million of those near me. Just gotta drive 250 miles…
Post #164689580 added 07-13-2023 11:31 AM by dspindler in Hot Deals
Last time I went to Popeye's there wasn't anyone over the age of 23..including the Manager. I went at 7 PM and there was one person in front of me with 4 family members. Took me 30 minutes to get...
Post #164689538 added 07-13-2023 11:29 AM by dspindler in Hot Deals
$42...jk...they've gotten so expensive
Post #164684705 added 07-13-2023 8:50 AM by oodlesofslick in Hot Deals
Why spend $22.99 when there are free chickens running around ;)
11 herbs and spices. Nothing else needs to be said.
Post #164010809 added 06-11-2023 1:52 PM by BackFromTheDead21 in Hot Deals
People buying KFC instead of $6 for 8 pieces from any of Albertson's chains?
Post #164010329 added 06-11-2023 1:14 PM by martyc26 in Hot Deals
can't believe this is still going on!
Post #163488686 added 05-14-2023 6:38 PM by sd_junky in Hot Deals
This deal should be dead. I just ordered and what POS chicken. I wonder why stopped buying from KFC like a decade ago. I was really looking forward to KFC again. But what a damn disappointment. Oh...
Post #163256669 added 05-02-2023 3:07 AM by Dabutcherbear in Hot Deals
Here in the Twin Cities. It varies by location. Some honor it and some do not. Great deal these days! Good luck. D
Post #163031258 added 04-19-2023 7:08 PM by Davidhh in Hot Deals
Still working for both options in Boston!
Post #163006274 added 04-18-2023 5:27 PM by Hoseman666 in Hot Deals
Not available in my area. Guess I'll stick with my usual $3 breast & biscuit at Popeye's (best FF deal around)
Post #163005737 added 04-18-2023 4:55 PM by xjimmyx in Hot Deals
Ok so my KFC is literally a five minute drive and we hardly ever go... Got this deal and really enjoyed it... The wings were both weirdly shaped, one small one strangely big, but the other pieces...
Post #162996266 added 04-18-2023 8:42 AM by GreenIdea3316 in Hot Deals
still works in Missouri.
Post #162996131 added 04-18-2023 8:37 AM by reefman in Hot Deals
$18 plus tax here in NY
Post #162986405 added 04-17-2023 6:58 PM by m3us in Hot Deals
Worked in Austin,TX. Thanks OP.
Post #162958883 added 04-16-2023 10:54 AM by Beepie in Hot Deals
Now we can all live like the Tate brothers when they were brokies!!!! lol
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