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Post #162746377 added 04-05-2023 10:06 AM by soulkarver in Deal Talk
I just wanted to say that I received the laptop yesterday. It had the original charger brick, manuals, and even the fancy sticker on the top of the laptop. All in all, I'm very pleased and happy with...
Post #162608557 added 03-29-2023 11:52 AM by MoJackMan in Deal Talk
I got the same laptop display model from Costco. Paid $599 for it but Costco crazy 90 days return policy and 2 years warranty. So far it’s great. I love the screen, but it eats battery fast. You...
Post #162602362 added 03-29-2023 7:33 AM by lookingfordeals88 in Deal Talk
I think the ASUS laptop offers the best display you can get for $600 or less. I have a similar ASUS laptop e.g. ASUS OLED screen laptop with 120Hz 0.2ms up to 550 nits....
Post #162599284 added 03-29-2023 4:03 AM by philsheu in Deal Talk
It is i7 12700H. H means high performance, more powerful then i7 P and i7 U. That means H cpu eat more battery power.
Post #162599095 added 03-29-2023 3:33 AM by lesterhung in Deal Talk
Newegg already suck for new items... I wouldn't dare touch their open box items
Post #162598198 added 03-29-2023 12:15 AM by PossiblyBoosted in Deal Talk
Good deal for a nice laptop. I'm pretty sure I paid about the same price a couple months ago for open box. Just be aware that battery life is the killer on this thing. Display is beautiful but...
Post #162597856 added 03-28-2023 11:23 PM by swangp in Deal Talk
I’ve seen benchmarks of this laptop compared to other laptops with the 12700h, this laptop suffers from bad thermals resulting in throttling. I can’t speak on the M1, but I imagine the M2 is superior...
Post #162597220 added 03-28-2023 10:20 PM by cigar3tte in Deal Talk
Has anyone done a comparison between the M1/M2 screen vs an Asus OLED? I'm curious.
Post #162597214 added 03-28-2023 10:19 PM by cigar3tte in Deal Talk
I'm pretty sure you can change the power settings to make it not go to sleep when plugged in.
Post #162596158 added 03-28-2023 8:58 PM by kirsion in Deal Talk
can the 16x pro go on sale pls
Post #162595405 added 03-28-2023 8:18 PM by PurpleNarwhal693 in Deal Talk
Question for self-hosted folks, if we upgrade the RAM and keep it plugged in at home, can this be used as a home-server I can remote into to be super-productive on my android tablet?
Post #162591208 added 03-28-2023 5:00 PM by NoodleUSS in Deal Talk
Literally just bought this yesterday before the deal was live. Will let you guys know what are included when I receive it ;)
Post #162591145 added 03-28-2023 4:56 PM by wildpig1234 in Deal Talk
That would be really terrible. I imagine it does come with adapter. you can always call newegg
Post #162591142 added 03-28-2023 4:56 PM by blueleaf in Deal Talk
It comes with a 90W USB-C power supply. I purchased some used Dell 90W USB-C power supplies off eBay for about $15 each and they work great with this laptop. I keep the additional power supplies in...
Post #162588955 added 03-28-2023 3:11 PM by bargainleecher in Deal Talk
As stated in their open box policy: Newegg will not send you any missing accessory, even if the accessory is required in order to properly make use of all the product’s advertised functions. Does...
Post #162588703 added 03-28-2023 3:01 PM by blueleaf in Deal Talk
I have been using this laptop as my primary computer since August 2022. I use it docked mostly, but do carry it with me every day. I have upgraded the RAM to 40GB. I really like it as it is fast and...
Post #162588412 added 03-28-2023 2:46 PM by sliver99 in Deal Talk
Agreed. I looked at this this at Costco and compared it to the LG Gram 14. This screen is gorgeous. But the terrible battery life and weak sauce webcam put me off. All the reviews I've read agreed...
Post #162587332 added 03-28-2023 2:00 PM by freeb95 in Deal Talk
Reviews seemed to be hit and miss.. and buying an open box unit is probably very risky to get one that had some level of battery/heat issue
Post #162585871 added 03-28-2023 1:02 PM by tanginator in Deal Talk
Max RAM is 40GB if you add another 32GB stick (one slot is removable) as already mentioned above. Battery life is okay if you turn all settings to low (power mode, fan speed, refresh rate, display...
Post #162583012 added 03-28-2023 11:14 AM by abre in Deal Talk
I bought the same machine over the holidays and upgraded to 40GB. Here's the stick I used: G.Skill RipJaws Series 32GB (1 x 32GB) 260-Pin SO-DIMM PC4-25600 DDR4 3200 CL22-22-22-52 1.20V Single...
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