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Post #162884639 added 04-12-2023 8:58 AM by Zallador in Deal Talk
Deleted. I misread.
Post #162614473 added 03-29-2023 4:55 PM by levans80 in Deal Talk
Am I the only one that saw Predator preorder for Nintendo Switch on your notifications? I got really excited for a min lol
Post #162614248 added 03-29-2023 4:45 PM by rjinaz10 in Deal Talk
Out of Stock. Might release more another day, they seem to do this, multi day preorders. Best Buy still has this last I checked.
Post #162613912 added 03-29-2023 4:26 PM by vizsala in Deal Talk
Wish I'd done this for totk before the price increase on pre-order!
Post #162613858 added 03-29-2023 4:22 PM by morgan.croft in Deal Talk
And 5% back if you have a prime card!
Post #162613750 added 03-29-2023 4:15 PM by MaratV in Deal Talk
Almost a decade old technology that needs to be upgraded. Yes, is fun and so is my $200 Switch Lite
Post #162613648 added 03-29-2023 4:08 PM by rjinaz10 in Deal Talk
Amazon does not ever put a pending charge on my card or in my bank ever. And they don't verify if the card is good either. I use expired cards on these preorders and they won't know until it is time...
Post #162613600 added 03-29-2023 4:04 PM by MichaelM3103 in Deal Talk
The charge falls off after a couple days until it's time for shipping. Amazon does the same thing. They are not some magical retailer that gets to chatge cards differently. They have to verify the...
Post #162613558 added 03-29-2023 4:01 PM by rjinaz10 in Deal Talk
Not having a pending charge is still a huge convenience for many. I also go Amazon for this reason and others. But also because Best Buy has cancelled my preorders before. Amazon never has.
Post #162613498 added 03-29-2023 3:57 PM by vsauce in Deal Talk
Its crazy how many people don't know how banks work. They think their credit card is their bank account and don't know what authorizations are And you'd be surprised to know how many people think...
Post #162613456 added 03-29-2023 3:54 PM by Zallador in Deal Talk
I'm pretty sure most don't. They put a pending charge. Then actually charge you when it ships. I know Target does. I just read it on their site when ordering from there.
Post #162613435 added 03-29-2023 3:54 PM by BMO888 in Deal Talk
Seems like Nintendo is actually stocking this well. They know this will sell a lot. They've also been available at Best Buy and Target without problems.
Post #162613144 added 03-29-2023 3:38 PM by rjinaz10 in Deal Talk
I wonder how many cancels they get the week before. I bet it is thousands.
Post #162612808 added 03-29-2023 3:19 PM by -cod in Deal Talk
What’s nice about Amazon is they don’t charge your card until it ships. In for one. Cheers Op.
Post #162612661 added 03-29-2023 3:13 PM by Sammich8 in Deal Talk
Posting as this has been a hot preorder item for Zelda fans hoping to get one, and first time on Amazon. Free Shipping. About this Item: The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model - The Legend of Zelda:...

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