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Post #162881714 added 04-12-2023 5:46 AM by JL5 in Deal Talk
The way I read that it's "UP TO" 12% off. And sounds like some special program pricing that may not apply to items that are just on sale. I've tried to sign up for it...but it's not...
Post #162877565 added 04-11-2023 8:14 PM by WallEworld in Deal Talk
I'm seeing the same on my order. The following is from Dell and infers we would still be covered under limited hardware warranty. Purchasing Products Without a Service Contract: Dell provides...
Post #162876758 added 04-11-2023 7:23 PM by WallEworld in Deal Talk
12% off coupon available for FREE at
Post #162862718 added 04-11-2023 6:04 AM by gabrielh in Deal Talk
So my system shipped and as feared the removing support trick removed the whole warranty on the system (no warranty listed in the invoice and when pulling the service tag at it shows...
Post #162861602 added 04-11-2023 4:00 AM by JL5 in Deal Talk
I have 10% off Dell codes readily available. Request $5 Amazon Gift Card in trade. PM me
Post #162844142 added 04-10-2023 7:51 AM by gabrielh in Deal Talk
That would be slick because usually the difference between Basic and Premium (when they used to offer that option) was $100 but here it took like $350 off? lol
Post #162829988 added 04-09-2023 1:36 PM by George_P_Burdell in Deal Talk
Any screens hots? I'll keep an eye
Post #162818969 added 04-09-2023 12:31 AM by WallEworld in Deal Talk
There was an option to click remove. Dell killed it.
Post #162818957 added 04-09-2023 12:29 AM by WallEworld in Deal Talk
I believe we still get "basic" support. Just not "premium".
Post #162818822 added 04-09-2023 12:07 AM by George_P_Burdell in Deal Talk
How did you remove the warranty?
Post #162811574 added 04-08-2023 2:33 PM by gabrielh in Deal Talk
Did any of you who were able to do the remove support trick had their system shipped? And if yes can u pull up the service tag at and check if it have any warranty at all? Hoping it...
Post #162779324 added 04-06-2023 11:44 PM by stevenswall in Deal Talk
Where are you seeing 10% SD Cash Back? I only see 3%.
Post #162774605 added 04-06-2023 5:20 PM by guinaevere in Deal Talk
Apologies... I haven't been on SD in forever and never paid attention the cashback feature before. I only see 3%cashback on this deal. Are there tiers to the cashback?
Post #162738946 added 04-04-2023 9:25 PM by iyg in Deal Talk
It's still there I can't get it to work. What browser did you use?
Post #162738838 added 04-04-2023 9:12 PM by WallEworld in Deal Talk
Yes, I have a confirmed order at $1199.xx. Just tried replicate and the option to remove support is no longer available.
Post #162738757 added 04-04-2023 9:05 PM by iyg in Deal Talk
Did you double check your cart? The support is added back at checkout.
Post #162726463 added 04-04-2023 9:25 AM by WallEworld in Deal Talk
Still alive. Thanks for the tip on removing the support. After 12% cap one business code it does indeed bring it down to $1200. Combine Rak 10% back with chase 5% back for an additional $180 off. I...
Post #162716533 added 04-03-2023 7:01 PM by jackfei2 in Deal Talk
Also to mention, don't use the 10% new user discount, since it doesnt stack with the 12% capital one business dell discount code.
Post #162716497 added 04-03-2023 6:59 PM by jackfei2 in Deal Talk
You simply click on Edit at the Cart and go back click remove on support. I tried a few other models, looks like this is the only one you can remove support. I just checked Dell website it looks to...
Post #162715684 added 04-03-2023 6:06 PM by LamboP in Deal Talk
How did you do it? It automatically adds it back in for me after i click "Get this deal".
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