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Post #163826837 added 06-02-2023 9:58 AM by Krakn3Dfx in Deal Talk
In 4 1 from Dicks, my Proform Hybrid that I bought from Costco about a decade ago decided to die on me yesterday during my lunch workout, so it'll be nice to have something to use while I figure out...
Post #163788311 added 05-31-2023 12:04 PM by DavidsAwesome in Deal Talk
Yes. There’s an override method to bypass the ifit entirely.
Post #163725842 added 05-27-2023 12:36 PM by los23 in Deal Talk
Had this version for about two years. You will want to buy the wall power adapter so u won't have to keep buying batteries especially if u will be using the fan. adapter can be found cheap on Amazon...
Post #163714004 added 05-26-2023 4:58 PM by rkm123 in Deal Talk
These are great 4 basic health and often used in PT Rehab and anyone recovering mode; with low strain ~ item large seat with a non slip pad under or indoor outdoor sisal rug works to keep silent and...
Post #163697333 added 05-25-2023 7:49 PM by NotBuscemi in Deal Talk
I have a recumbent bike at my house, different brand, but it's really quiet. I think you should be OK. But like someone said, you could put a mat under it if needed.
Post #163696589 added 05-25-2023 7:02 PM by WhatUpDawg in Deal Talk
I’ve got a magnetic resistance rower and it’s very quiet. I imagine the bike will be even more so.
Post #163694996 added 05-25-2023 5:25 PM by Alex305 in Deal Talk
I bought this bike under the Gold's Gym brand before Pro Form apparently took over. I've been using it daily 5 times a week for years without issue and totally recommend it. Regarding the price I...
Post #163694705 added 05-25-2023 5:03 PM by holysin in Deal Talk
Not sure about this specific one but that's why gym matts were invented ala . They are much more required for treadmills...
Post #163694075 added 05-25-2023 4:25 PM by TimeFisher in Deal Talk
This or schwinn 230?
Post #163693310 added 05-25-2023 3:32 PM by daphatty in Deal Talk
Are these among the devices that include a crappy iFit subscription?
Post #163692722 added 05-25-2023 2:54 PM by rly723 in Deal Talk
How are these for people 5’4” and under? Bought my parents a Marcy recumbent bike and it’s a bit too far, even at lowest adjustment. , they need to use a pillow or two to reach pedals and even then...
Post #163692458 added 05-25-2023 2:39 PM by NackJ in Deal Talk
It has been this price for a long time. Pretty sure this is the regular price.
Post #163692341 added 05-25-2023 2:31 PM by Wagg in Deal Talk
Wish I could put something like this in my apartment. I assume it vibrates enough to disturb the downstairs neighbor?
Post #163687184 added 05-25-2023 9:54 AM by TonyPTheMC in Deal Talk
Yep different models
Post #163683839 added 05-25-2023 7:25 AM by kniq86 in Deal Talk
The image on Dick's site appears to be a version without the fan if that matters to you
Post #163683500 added 05-25-2023 7:08 AM by JenniferF9972 in Deal Talk
Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a good deal on a decent recumbent bike! I developed a vestibular dysfunction and now have balance issues. My treadmill is collecting dust until therapy gets...
Post #163683002 added 05-25-2023 6:40 AM by boosterjm in Deal Talk
Tiny 5" screen
Post #163682789 added 05-25-2023 6:26 AM by Friendlyx in Deal Talk
Post #163682642 added 05-25-2023 6:17 AM by shell66 in Deal Talk
Post #163681844 added 05-25-2023 5:18 AM by UniqueDolphin9617 in Deal Talk
Strap a tablet to this and you have a $2000 Peloton! 😂
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