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Post #164278115 added 06-25-2023 9:01 PM by mochamochamocha in Hot Deals
I see "cool active", "active mesh", and some others but none with exact wording "cool mesh". Can you post a link to which ones you're referring to? Thanks
Post #164252705 added 06-24-2023 7:53 AM by Arc99 in Hot Deals
Purchased them couple of weeks ago. I am disappointed with the quality and comfort level. They don’t fit properly and feel loose and cloth like. Finishing is also not very good; there is one corner...
Post #164172080 added 06-20-2023 7:15 AM by Fogmoose in Hot Deals
To be honest, I was not impressed with the quality of Hey Dudes, either. Light wear and less than a year one of them was falling apart.
Post #164161226 added 06-19-2023 3:03 PM by RugerRedhawk in Hot Deals
Do these truly slip on? My hey dudes have no structure in the heel so I need to use my hand to actually get my heel in the shoe. Not a big deal, but curious because something like skechers I can just...
Post #164160116 added 06-19-2023 2:05 PM by BrianD1175 in Hot Deals
I've had my order for about a week now. I picked up 2 pair and been pleased. I wouldn't have been thrilled at regular price but at $20, these are pretty awesome.
Post #164157794 added 06-19-2023 11:56 AM by pstwo in Hot Deals
Thanks. Want to get something. There are no "cool mesh" on the website, there are "cool", "cool active", "active mesh", "air mesh", which one are you referring to ? Want to try. Thanks !!!
Post #164157509 added 06-19-2023 11:39 AM by pstwo in Hot Deals
URGENT: I wear 8W or 8.5W RockPort. 8M Wil NOT fit. Is the Shoe 9 wide enough to fit ?? waiting ! thanks !!
Post #164157365 added 06-19-2023 11:31 AM by savesanything in Hot Deals
I grabbed two pairs and they’re going immediately back. Very low quality and even for $20 are not worth keeping unfortunately
Post #164157290 added 06-19-2023 11:27 AM by LovelyPenguin434 in Hot Deals
I ordered a pair. They were very low quality especially the stitching on the raised lip. Wouldn't recommend.
Post #164156543 added 06-19-2023 10:46 AM by mrmystery in Hot Deals
!!! FWIW, I normally love 32 degrees but these shoes are crap and THEY RUN SMALL. I'm size 13 and if they offered it, I am sure I would need to order size 15. !!!
Post #164099981 added 06-15-2023 9:59 PM by CommonSalt in Hot Deals
I purchased these over the weekend, and the free shipping got them to me in about 4 days (Arizona). Men's size 12 has a pretty wide toebox, but runs a little short in overall length. I...
Post #164096642 added 06-15-2023 6:19 PM by TakeMeToYourDealer in Hot Deals
Like heydude with lower quality. Great!
Post #164092685 added 06-15-2023 2:20 PM by QueensGambit in Hot Deals
32Degrees is known for many things such as apparel at Costco BUT shoes is not their thing
Post #164085563 added 06-15-2023 8:45 AM by Slickone_ in Hot Deals
Thanks. If you just look under shoes on that site, they have a ton of listings for this type of shoe. I guess they Hey Dudes shoe it's a common Chinese cloned/knockoff model now (just as the OP is)....
Post #164079812 added 06-14-2023 10:32 PM by morrowing in Hot Deals
Seen it as advertising in Weather Underground App on my phone, registered, add other items. Similar item cost "normal way" almost the same, no sense....
Post #164069039 added 06-14-2023 12:14 PM by Slickone_ in Hot Deals
Got a link?
Post #164057315 added 06-13-2023 9:46 PM by zira in Hot Deals
Can you elaborate on the pink? That's the color I'm looking at.
Post #164056607 added 06-13-2023 9:06 PM by Rhybon in Hot Deals
Bought these canvas shoes last week; very comfy. I normally wear a 10.5 boot / 11.5 running shoe. Went with 11 on these and it's nicely sized.
Post #164051300 added 06-13-2023 3:45 PM by SumDuud in Hot Deals
Mine arrived and feel fine. A bit more internal padding than the heydudes they are replacing. The pink my gf ordered is not so much of a match to what is shown on the site, will see if we keep them.
Post #164051099 added 06-13-2023 3:32 PM by BrianD1175 in Hot Deals
Just got mine in the mail today. Haven't actually tried them on yet but they look nice and appear to be a better quality than the pair I've been wearing.
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