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Post #166559098 added 10-24-2023 9:13 AM by imCat in Deal Talk
On Amazon as renewed for $250
Post #166363855 added 10-12-2023 9:13 PM by AcceptBay in Deal Talk
$279.99 out here in the PNW. Added picture from 3 days ago. Ended up buying the 5300 & it has been working flawlessly!
Post #166362853 added 10-12-2023 7:55 PM by jtree1 in Deal Talk
It’s the same price online.
Post #166362850 added 10-12-2023 7:55 PM by WilliamG in Deal Talk
Does that even have Wi-Fi 6E? I wouldn’t buy it if not. 6E is fantastic.
Post #166362730 added 10-12-2023 7:47 PM by RGRT in Deal Talk
AX5300 is $279.99 at a store in Texas.
Post #166359259 added 10-12-2023 4:26 PM by jtree1 in Deal Talk
Online there is the AX5700 that has 4 AP’s and 2.5GB WAN Port for $499.99 ($250.00 off) - Anyone tried it?
Post #166359235 added 10-12-2023 4:24 PM by jtree1 in Deal Talk
Not seeing it in store. The AX5000 is $199.99 and the AXE5300 is $279.99.
Post #166357033 added 10-12-2023 2:25 PM by PinchyCM in Deal Talk
Will you confirm if you see it in your stores? Would be awesome if so. Amazon has a 2 pc for the same - this would be an awesome deal if it’s available outside of that one store.
Post #166356409 added 10-12-2023 1:55 PM by AcceptBay in Deal Talk
Post #166352833 added 10-12-2023 11:17 AM by lmclaurin777 in Deal Talk
Yes. It was the AX5300
Post #166339120 added 10-11-2023 7:13 PM by tropicalb in Deal Talk
TP-Link's router software has minimal features (I mentioned this in my post on 10/09). I'm not surprised these features aren't present in the TP-Link software. TP-Link is OK for a basic network...
Post #166328158 added 10-11-2023 11:29 AM by AcceptBay in Deal Talk
Are you sure it was the AX5300 and not AX5000, which is listed at $199.99 on as well?
Post #166310080 added 10-10-2023 7:03 PM by GreenSparrow1991 in Deal Talk
Do you have Coax wiring at your house? If so, do MoCa adapters. These mesh are doing ok even with wired backhaul, (there are some unstable moments when satellites decided to disconnect from main...
Post #166279465 added 10-09-2023 10:26 PM by Ride_The_Sky in Deal Talk
Thanks but it doesn't help with really bad wireless backhaul. I have to spend money tu run wired backhaul now. :(
Post #166279384 added 10-09-2023 10:21 PM by PinchyCM in Deal Talk
Can anyone else confirm at their stores? Curious if this is a local store special or available for the masses.
Post #166278142 added 10-09-2023 8:47 PM by fwoodman in Deal Talk
I just bought the Deco X60 and found out that I cannot set hidden SSID, custom Guest SSID, and custom DHCP address which sucked. Does this model has customization or all "Deco" line are all neutered?...
Post #166277932 added 10-09-2023 8:34 PM by tropicalb in Deal Talk
Asus has feature-rich router software; you could configure your wifi network using mobile app or web browser. TP-Link software is a bare bones offering and requires you to use the mobile app only. ...
Post #166277848 added 10-09-2023 8:29 PM by robinm in Deal Talk
I'm about to take this set back to Costco. We have a 2600 sq ft house that is 3 years old, and the fiber connection is coming into a closet on the side. I was hoping this would help on the edges. I'm...
Post #166275937 added 10-09-2023 6:25 PM by h0va4life in Deal Talk
Cant tell you about the Asus - but you can only modify the Deco network using phone app also you cannot setup the decos w/o internet. I am pretty confident that ASUS doesn't have that issue.
Post #166275184 added 10-09-2023 5:55 PM by peoples in Deal Talk
The up and down I believe is current activity not the connection rate.
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