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New Forum Launch: The Vault- How to Put Your Slickdeals Savings to Use

Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2010 at 6:02 pm (36) comments

Dear Slickdeals Community,

We are proud to announce the launch of The Vault. The forum is officially open for new threads- if you want to discuss anything from finding your first job to withdrawing funds from your IRA, feel free to post. (but please check out the rules/FAQ first.) Throughout the week we will be posting finance-related tips and information (such as a list of current CC rates and offers), as well as kicking off a regular series of blog entries that will cover topics ranging from paying down debt to buying a new home. In addition to a few pieces being prepared in-house, we have commissioned the help of two professional writers: Gabe Goldberg, who writes for publications ranging from the Washington Post to Mainframe Executive; and Richard Smith, a regular contributor at the Motley Fool (www.fool.com). We will release articles from both writers during this launch period; both will be regular contributors to the forum in the future.

This might seem like a bit of a departure for Slickdeals, but we plan on keeping our #1 asset- great community involvement, a priority. As a matter of fact, we need your help if this new forum is going to survive. If the idea of learning to apply a Slickdeals mindset to decisions bigger than Plasma TVs and HDMI cables appeals to you, please feel free to participate in the discussion.