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We won’t sell you anything. Instead we help you shop smarter and save more.

Whether you’re shopping for everyday necessities like diapers and toilet paper or for a large screen OLED TV,  we’ve got the community and the tools to make the journey fun.

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The Many Ways to Slickdeal


Looking for the best products at the best prices?

Discover the best of the best deals that have been vetted and voted on by the trusted Slickdeals community.  No deal lands here without community support. Tip: Want them to be even more relevant to you? Register to get them personalized.

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Know exactly what you want to buy?

Save time and money when you shop. Set deal alerts for a brand or product that you’re interested in. Next time a deal is available that meets your criteria, you’ll be notified. 

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Wish you could take the power of Slickdeals with you?

Browse your favorite retailers and Slickdeals will immediately identify the deals available on the items you’re shopping for and apply any relevant coupons. Use the browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge to score great deals wherever you shop. 

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Want to save even more on every purchase?

Every time you complete a purchase through Slickdeals,  you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for PayPal credit or gift cards at your favorite retailers. That’s winning!

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Are you known for uncovering the best deals?

Are you a savvy shopper? Your votes, comments and deals help power this system to help guide other shoppers on what products to buy, where to buy and what’s the best price. Next time you find that great deal, post it to our community.

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Learn the Basics

The ultimate how-to guide for Slickdeals users. The Slickdeals 101 series breaks down everything you need to know about the platform; making it easy to post, share, comment, and browse great deals.  

  • Understand how deals make the Frontpage Slickdeals
  • Learn how to post a deal and set deal alerts
  • Discover forums and how to use them

Discover more when you customize your experience

When you create a Slickdeals account, we’ll help you customize your shopping experience so that you can discover new products  you’ll love and deals you won’t want to miss. 

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