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Chemical Guys Microfiber Detergent Concentrate (1 Gallon) | | S&S $17.67

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2,125 Views has 1 Gallon of Chemical Guys CWS_201 Microfiber Wash Cleaning Detergent Concentrate for $17.67 with Subscribe & Save.

I have the 16oz and it seems to work really well for microfiber towels and such.

For comparison, the half-gallon bottle is $19.99, $2 more for half the amount with no S&S available.

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Created 02-04-2020 at 08:37 PM by farang
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Does anyone actually know if this does any better job, vs using other Chemical Guys car washes in the washer?
I would usually add the Synthetic Wash and Wax (the latter portion isn't to actually wax the car, just sheet the water). Since it used to often go on sale for ~$10-$12/gallon, safe to use with microfiber while washing the car, and washes the microfiber very well.

Chamois VS/& Microfiber washing, care, costs, life, facts, etc
I'm just still shocked at how many people don't do a separate wash for microfiber, use clothes detergent, fabric softener, etc. Or dry it with any heat or with dryer sheets. All of those will irrevocably destroy microfiber, whether you can see it or not. As will putting it in with clothing, as they will lint onto the microfiber. Not to mention how if you put it in the dryer with heat, it will melt the super tiny plastic "micro fibers." This will result in scratching your car, even if it looks/feels fine. You'll only physically notice the microfiber melting, when you use high heat often, resulting in it becoming very rough & hard[er]. That being said, even normal low heat will eventually leave spider web scratches on your car from the melted plastic fibers, despite the microfiber looking 100% normal.

That being said, chamois' are much cheaper in the long run. The only care needed is to rinse with warm water afterwards and hang dry after wringing out (ie. no cleaner cost, no washer costs, no dryer costs...although hang drying is safest for microfiber, but come out a bit stiffer) And a chamois will easily last 10-20yrs if cared for. Vs 2-3yrs for microfiber, if properly cared for (most people ruin microfiber within 3-6mo max, as they don't know how to care for them) A chamois has an upfront cost that's higher than the microfiber drying towels most people use, @$10-20, or $7-$15 on sale or coupon, at Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, etc.
Just buy a good brand, as quality does differ (ie. A cheap $2 ebay chamois is much thinner, lower quality, and literally still had a bullet hole in each of the 2 I purchased. I never used either. Vs A very thick, perfect one I purchased from AAP. It had a relatively normal shape, vs the animal/legs/neck shaped sides of the bullet hole ebay ones) . But, that's literally the only cost, making it $0.50-$2 a yr, depending on initial price/size and how well you care for it. You can usually buy a super large one in the $15-$20 range and cut it in half, as it's significantly cheaper per sqft than the smaller ones. That was my plan for mine, but i just ended up folding it over, and using it like that. I don't have to wring it out or rinse it as often while washing the car, and dry the car faster as a result. The splitting option is generally only smart if it's for 2 people. Since it's stupid to hold onto the other half for 15-20+ years (if you properly maintain it)

Not to mention that you can 100% dry your car perfectly with 1 chamois, wringing it out and getting full drying ability back. And you can rinse it in your clean water bucket while drying, and get out any particulates/dirt it trapped. I keep a freshly refilled clean water bucket purely for drying. I rinse it every 2-3 wrings, especially towards the bottom of the car when I increase to every 1-2 wrings (I plan on keeping the car for 20+ years). A microfiber is useless once wet, as you can't wring out the water enough + can't rinse out the particulates/dirt it traps. So, you really need 2-3 microfiber towels to dry a car. Not to mention, that you can't really just wring out a microfiber while drying. Once it's saturated enough, it will simply leave water trails, regardless of wringing. Plus, it won't release particulates, as they're held in the nap by a static electric charge (why dryer sheets are a no-no)

Unless you buy the super expensive microfiber drying towels (usually ~$20 each, and you need 2+ to fully dry a car perfectly), the chamois will do a better job at trapping particulates in the nap of the chamois vs the nap of the microfiber towel. Plus the chamois is usually much more absorbent, and can wring them out as much as you want. Hell, you wet them before you even start to dry the car, so you know a single chamois has no issue with drying the car perfectly.

And then you also have the people that wipe the car dry, vs dragging the chamois/microfiber across the surface of the paint. You do this, so that any particulates still on the car after washing, won't be scratched into the paint as you rub it dry. And lastly, never buy a synthetic chamois, as these have zero nap, just begging to scratch your car, even if you drag them properly. [Those water blades are just as bad, if not worse for scratching your car. Using a leaf blower + an air filter over the air inlet is also a great way to try the car. But, if you don't use an air filter, with even a coffee filter rubber band holding it on is probably good enough, then you WILL scratch the car with particulates hitting the car at high speeds]

The sites that say microfiber drying towels are better, are usually only the sites that sell them. Then you have people that simply copy/believe that info and repeat it. They usually won't push chamois' since you'll only buy 1 every 10-20+ yrs, and won't buy any cleaning products. Vs buying 2-3 microfiber towels every 1-3yrs, and buying cleaning products often.

I do love microfiber for a few uses though:
1) The cheap costco microfiber towels, which are something like $0.25-$0.35 each in a pack. These are great for windows, door sills, and wheels/tires. Especially since they're cheap enough to be disposable, but you can still usually wash the tire/wheel ones where grease is common, as the stains don't damage the purpose they're used for. Just keep using those on wheels only.
2) The CG chenille mitts. I have about 12 of them @$5/each on sale. You should always have 3 of any washing utensil. The reason: 1 for the roof, hood, and trunk lid, 2nd for the top half of the doors/sides of car, 3rd for the bottom 1/3 of the car. The reason is because these areas go from less particulates/dirt, to filthy near the bottom. You work your way down, so that you don't scratch your paint from the dirty areas. And washing tiny areas at a time before rinsing in clean water then soapy water, with grit guards on the bottom (and replacing the water of the clean bucket often, and the soapy water possibly once.
Just make sure to label the mitts/etc., so that you always use it for that portion of the car. I have 12, since that way i have enough for a washer load, and only have to deal with all their cleaning every few months. Since I refuse to use microfiber drying towels, only those tiny cheapy costco ones for the areas mentioned earlier.
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Quote from farang
For comparison, the half-gallon bottle is $19.99, $2 more for half the amount with no S&S available.
Yeah, that's the CG pricing. It's always just a couple bucks more each time, for the next 2+ times larger step up. Like 16oz vs 64oz vs 128oz. I've never purchased smaller than 1gallon for that reason, as it's pointless.

That being said, 1gallon of car wash lasts forever, since CG is super concentrated. It's literally like molasses, and 1oz per 5gallons vs 1oz per 1gallon of Meguiar's or pretty much any other. I only use 1oz per 1gallon for the citrus wash and wax, as 4-5oz per 5 gallon bucket will easily remove wax from the car, when I plan on waxing it again.

So, 1gallon of CG car wash will last almost 2.5yrs if you wash once per week. Or, 10.66 yrs if once per month. So, it's usually smart to split it with someone else if you wash less than every 2 weeks. BUT, it's still smarter than buying 1/2 gallon or 1pt, when it's usually like $2 for each step up. You can also use the car wash as a microfiber cleaner vs buying this product.

Just make sure to store the car wash in a temperate area, and not in the garage. Heat/freezing will break down and separate the products.Store it properly, just as you would do with engine oil, etc. Basements are perfect. As is your bedroom/hallway closet, if you always keep your house pretty cool, and keep the house at 68-72 in winter
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Just a heads up this is for microfiber towels. Most detailers don't recommend chemical guy's microfiber wash because it has a form of fabric softener which hinders the towels ability to soak liquids. I just recommend using a free and clear type detergent for your towels. Remember that high heat and fabric softeners will ruin microfiber
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This isnt car wash folks..
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what a scam. any detergent without a softener works for me
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Quote from stasis
what a scam. any detergent without a softener works for me
Buying microfiber towels that have a 2-3yr life is the scam. That's if you perfectly care for them.
Let alone wasting >1hr + water + electricity + cleanser, to machine wash & no heat dry the chamois

Buy a chamois.
- It works much better (1 will completely 100% dry a car...unlike microfiber)
- Can rinse the chamois during car drying, to remove any particulates/dirt
- It requires simply rinsing in warm water/hang drying
- Lasts 10-20+ years if properly cared for.

All the details in my above post (reply #1)
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