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I bought this last month for $2.01 more. An Amazon chat rep gave me a $2 promo to use with a future purchase. I asked why he couldn't credit my CC. He deleted the $2 promo and transferred me to a higher authority who said the don't have the "option" to credit my CC nor give me the promo $2 off a future purchase. That's funny since the first rep DID give me the $2 promo only to remove it before escalating the situation to a higher authority.

Amazon makes the rules. It can make sellers accept a price protection policy. Other stores have them. Some states require them by law if you want to sell in their state. Online stores that do NOT have such a policy have been called to task by my states District Attorney that if they want to sell online to citizens of my state, they HAVE TO comply with state law that requires a price adjustment and a return/exchange period and must honor advertised prices and have sufficient quantities on hand to fulfill a sale price to all who wish to purchase the sale item. There can be clearance and last of while supplies last sales but regular sales have to have enough stock on hand and/or allow for back orders at the sale price that have to be fulfilled in an amount of time specified by the D.A.'s Office and state laws. D.A.'s used to stand firm on such laws but all too often, consumer rights and laws are not adhered to. The 800lbs guerilla wins and laws are reduced or eliminated.

I have an "X" series Lenovo on this. It's a small laptop. My laptop covers the slot for tablets/cellphones. The elastic strap at the rear left corner is useless if it's meant to hold a laptop on the thing. A laptop would have to have it's lid closed to tuck it under that elastic band.

The tablet slot and the entire surface of the thing makes it slipper. Laptops want to slide off it. If the tops of your thighs slope down from your hip to you knees when in a prone, slouching, stretching your feet out or other sitting position, you have to take care that your laptop doesn't slide off it. If you turn or reach for anything around you where you sit, there's a high risk that your laptop will slide off the thing.

There should be raised edges or cushions to prevent your laptop from falling off it. There should be rubber bits or a rubbery surface somewhere on the thing to prevent laptops from falling off it. Putting thicker cushioning on the underside of it only at the back end of it would also serve to raise that end above your knees to prevent your laptop from sliding off.

You can turn it around so the cushion palm rest is at the rear, away from you to have that prevent your laptop from sliding off the back of it but if you power adapter cord connects to the rear of your laptop, it will be pushed into the cushion or on top of the cushion, bending and putting pressures/tension on it.

Price protection allows a buyer to buy with confidence rather than wait until the price goes down or buy only when they have to have it now. Not having a price protection policy causes companies to lose sales as customers wait to buy or buy elsewhere where the store has price protection that covers other seller's prices and their own prices. Amazon makes the rules and contracts for sellers on their site. Amazon can require sellers to have price protection. this particular item was an Amazon Prime purchase stocked, sold and shipped by Amazon. Amazon is the actual seller, not their supplier. I know Amazon hasn't had price protection for decades. I'm just saying. And there's no explanation they can give such as they "don't have that option". AMAZON MAKES the options for everything sold on their site.

So, if you bought this at it's $9.99 deal and don't mind putting in the effort, return it and purchase it at this $7.98 deal price. Amazon allows returns. Having a truck come to my home to pick it up and processing a new order and sending a truck to deliver a new one costs Amazon a lot more than a mouse click on their computer to credit my CC or to give me a $2 promo on my account. They're already setup to deal wit CC's. PLUS, they make people NOT want to buy on Amazon when they dump this BS, made up no option on their system crap on their customers and make them have to jump through hoops to get a price adjustment. They lose sales and ultimately customers all together. Stores proved that price protection is required to do business. Amazon is pissing off customers to get a few bucks more from everyone when they can. We can't expect them to give us price protection into eternity but a 30-day period is pretty standard at other stores. Some brick and mortar stores don't adjust to online prices because online stores don't have the overhead brick and mortar stores have to finance where you can go in and checkout a product. Costco does pretty much have a forever (sort of) price protection. Technically no but it does often work out that way. Aside from price protection, Costco accepts returns/exchanges/refunds for years after the purchase date. Some people return stuff that is beat up and often clearly damaged due to the fault/abuse of the customer. Costco takes the hit on it or they make their supplier take the hit on it. It's all a right of and profit margins are usually several hundred percent and Costco is the 800lbs guerilla. No one is losing money in price protection and exchanges and it keeps customers happy to spend at your stores.

It's just $2 this time. I'm just saying. the consumer increasingly takes all the hits as companies put and end to customer service and satisfaction and raise customer risk and customers walk away to shop at other stores. Amazon is the dreaded evil empire as is Microsoft as is in Star Wars and other entities in fiction and real life throughout the ages.

By the way, Amazon owns if didn't know and haven't noticed the S#!t items and non-deals on SD the last many years as well as the marketing format of SD rather than the deal seeker community it used to be. .
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