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Quote from Scubaslim :
Is there a legit reason why no Silicon Power products can be found on Slickdeals?

I am often finding better prices for their products than the constantly posted "deals" for Team Group products, but there is no sign of this brand anywhere on this site.

What gives?
we don't comment on specifics but they are banned here. common reasons why merchants/brands are blocked are described here:

these include
Quote :
  1. Link shortening & masking sites are blocked to prevent people from hiding links. Please link directly to the site instead.
  2. Spam and/or referral sites that are posted often.
  3. Sites that self promote their own bad deals.
  4. Other deal sites.
  5. Bad sites in general.
We do not block merchants because of monetary reasons. If a merchant is blocked, it is usually after multiple bannings of different accounts shilling their own deals. Please do not come up with conspiracy theories.
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