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Post #134284382 added 01-15-2020 12:36 PM by xtremeaxn007 in Deal Talk
Hello, i dont use this number and just want to save for any future deals. Any cheap way to port out the number?
Post #134094578 added 01-07-2020 3:05 PM by kaabob in Deal Talk
Correct, my $250 09/23 rebate got shipped on 11/5. Hasnt even been 90 days since 09/23. Nonetheless the rebate status page now shows 'escalation ticket' and the $100 rebate shows 'Qualified' status...
Post #133744994 added 12-24-2019 6:07 PM by bryanus in Deal Talk
Wait so you got the $250 for the 9/23 promo? And now that you got it the offer details are no longer visible on the rewards site? I called a few days ago and the rep said she would escalate it...
Post #133740734 added 12-24-2019 2:22 PM by kaabob in Deal Talk
I had two rebates ongoing in October: 7/30 for $100 BYOD + new line + activation, and 09/23 for $250 rebate iPhone 11. I received a $250 rebate 11/07, and now 09/23 order doesn't even show on the...
Post #133586075 added 12-19-2019 2:05 PM by Moonwalkr in Deal Talk
Hopefully that's just a glitch. You should call and check.
Post #133585691 added 12-19-2019 1:54 PM by bryanus in Deal Talk
Thanks. I ordered/activated the same day, was in pending fulfillment status, but now that entire line regarding the promotion is missing from my status dashboard!
Post #133584155 added 12-19-2019 1:15 PM by Moonwalkr in Deal Talk
I guess tomorrow will be 90 days. This is what my rebate status says:
Post #133575488 added 12-19-2019 9:53 AM by bryanus in Deal Talk
Surprised you are getting yours so quickly. Has it even been 90 days? Hmm, I just checked xfinity reward center and now I don't see anything regarding this promotion. It was there before. Anyone...
Post #133103126 added 12-06-2019 6:40 PM by Moonwalkr in Deal Talk
I called the unlock phone # on their site and it was unlocked right away. By the way just got notification my $250 gc is on its way.
Post #132270988 added 11-23-2019 10:23 PM by bryanus in Deal Talk
I submitted via chat on a Friday and it took just over 72 hours to get the unlock email from them.
Post #131512789 added 11-02-2019 8:21 PM by kenpal in Deal Talk
I think the phone was supposed to be activated in-store before 9/30/2019. All you can do is hope that the rebate will show as pending. Customer service is useless too regarding this deal.
Post #131476330 added 11-01-2019 11:48 AM by neerajkr in Deal Talk
I upgraded my 2 existing lines. Previous phone were not xfinity bought phones. I ordered in store on 9/17 and received both phone by fedex and activated them on 10/17 but still don't the rebate...
Post #131392948 added 10-29-2019 11:31 AM by xtermination in Deal Talk
Can someone tell me how long it took to get the unlock after the submission was done ?
Post #131388793 added 10-29-2019 8:44 AM by frannyjunk in Deal Talk
Darn it, promotion appears to be over. I was going get in on the deal in November (for a birthday present), but the iPhone XR no longer have the $250 Visa card promotion. $350 after the Visa card...
Post #131318449 added 10-25-2019 2:48 PM by bryanus in Deal Talk
Does anyone know if the newly upgraded/purchased iPhone needs to remain active/on for the full 90 days, or can I use the SIM in another device, to fulfill the rebate terms? Is the 90 days tied to the...
Post #131318359 added 10-25-2019 2:45 PM by bryanus in Deal Talk
You need to also complete 1 full billing/payment cycle. Then you can request an unlock: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/unlock-mobile-device
Post #131284999 added 10-24-2019 7:50 AM by ssarava9 in Deal Talk
Can anyone confirm whether the iphone can be unlocked after 48 hours if its bought out fully, i want to order two phone today but interested only on unlocked, please help
Post #131182246 added 10-19-2019 6:08 PM by utcung in Deal Talk
I think this answer much be somewhere in this post, but don't know which page it will be.. anyways, I wonder if I can port in a number, get a new iPhone, use that iPhone for another Xfinity existing...
Post #131114647 added 10-16-2019 1:56 PM by eva-01 in Deal Talk
Has there been anyone who ordered before 9/30 but didn't receive and activate their phone until after 9/30 that has a Rebate status showing 'Pending'?
Post #131070670 added 10-14-2019 1:38 PM by narenm in Deal Talk
It’s ended on sept 30
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