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Post #142241201 added 11-14-2020 12:40 PM by MiniMoonks in Hot Deals
Thanks!! Just completed the order online now and not worked. I’m so happy that I’m paying less and getting more speed. I would have never known if I wasn’t browsing on slickdeals. Sucks Verizon...
Post #141648050 added 10-29-2020 7:28 AM by patrix in Hot Deals
This is the offer I got. I had Triple Play with Internet speed at 100 mbps for $89.99 plus tax/fees. Upgraded to 1 giga for $10 extra (with 2 year commitment). TV plan and phone stayed the same,...
Post #141467861 added 10-22-2020 5:26 PM by MDJoviFan in Hot Deals
does this work if you have a 'double play' - phone and internet?
Post #141467579 added 10-22-2020 5:22 PM by PetSpy in Hot Deals
i did my deal a year ago and was going to cancel figuring my first year promo rate was expiring but instead the system seems to have extended my month to month (no contract) for a 2nd year;...
Post #141264920 added 10-15-2020 2:01 PM by harrypatel04 in Hot Deals
Just wanted to provide update in case anyone is wondering, yes it's still working. my current set-up was 100/100 at 67.99$. When I clicked as suggested by OP, it did show upgrade to 200/200 but kept...
Post #140707355 added 09-27-2020 11:33 AM by BalkiBartokomous in Hot Deals
If we cancel service, does Disney cancel, or is it independent? I'm looking to sell the year of Disney+ as I have no need for it but want to make sure it stays active in case I decide to dump Verizon...
Post #140706590 added 09-27-2020 10:55 AM by Armoured in Hot Deals
Upgraded from 100 with Disney+ to 200 no changes in price and kept Disney+ fine. It even shows in the order details before checkout that Disney+ was still there. Was tempted to do 400 for $60 but...
Post #140704853 added 09-27-2020 9:14 AM by ab22020 in Hot Deals
FYI: After I upgraded to this free 200/200 i lost my free subscription (1-year promo) to Disney+.
Post #140703167 added 09-27-2020 7:25 AM by bilderberg in Hot Deals
Anyone able to "pause" a Current Disney+ annual subscription from Google play when getting this deal? It looks like Disney can't modify subscriptions from 3rd party (obviously) and Googles only...
Post #140670263 added 09-25-2020 3:07 PM by bilderberg in Hot Deals
Western NY. Just singed up about a week ago.
Post #140669447 added 09-25-2020 2:39 PM by BalkiBartokomous in Hot Deals
Where in NY are you? I'm on the Island getting 200/200 with no equipment rental for $34.99 (with auto pay and $5 connections discount). I also no longer see the bullshit tax I used to see prior to...
Post #140656259 added 09-25-2020 7:28 AM by bilderberg in Hot Deals
It's $56.30 total for me in NY. Couldn't get around needing to rent the modem/router, promo said it's required and added automatically. $49.99 + $15.00 - 10.00 plus NY taxes (1.31). Still not a...
Post #140576672 added 09-22-2020 11:02 AM by ps40 in Hot Deals
Thanks you for this. I have tried via their website in the past and it didn't work for me. I tried the chat yesterday and got the upgrade. Also I thought I wasn't getting the full 200Mbps. But I went...
Post #140551715 added 09-21-2020 2:11 PM by ls1dreams in Hot Deals
Did this in July as an existing customer and it worked. Even getting 300Mbps rates. For those that need to switch to ethernet for faster speeds, Moca adapters work really well. I'm using the...
Post #140551349 added 09-21-2020 1:57 PM by roadbratt in Hot Deals
Verizon doesn't have modems. You can rent their router or buy one. Since you're only getting the internet service, it's normally cheaper in the long run to buy one yourself. However, if you decide to...
Post #140551163 added 09-21-2020 1:51 PM by roadbratt in Hot Deals
Verizon Connections gives another $5/month off the internet-only plan if you're eligible for the program.
Post #140550890 added 09-21-2020 1:43 PM by YoStix in Hot Deals
Thanks, it would be internet only. Can I buy a modem or do I need to rent? I was googling for approved modems and didn't come across a like like I did for my current Spectrum service.
Post #140550332 added 09-21-2020 1:26 PM by BalkiBartokomous in Hot Deals
For internet only the ONT installed by Verizon is the modem and you can use any router which can handle your speed level.
Post #140549117 added 09-21-2020 12:46 PM by YoStix in Hot Deals
For FIOS internet only, do you need a specific modem or router for it to work? I know when i used to have FIOS TV and Internet in a former house, i needed their actiontec because of MoCa.
Post #140386715 added 09-15-2020 1:01 PM by goslackware in Hot Deals
I didn't see this deal available on my account, but I was able to get it after clicking on the chat box and asking for "operator", then waiting 15minutes. I asked the rep if I could get 200/200 for...
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