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Post #140162747 added 09-05-2020 9:29 AM by math47 in Hot Deals
Deal says available for store pickup. But not available in any stores.
Post #138850019 added 07-16-2020 8:40 PM by TealGoat823 in Hot Deals
it is soooooo ridiculous to put a TN panel, it KILLed sale in a wide price range. so stupid.
Post #138757982 added 07-13-2020 4:51 PM by Gb1908 in Hot Deals
No they don't, only CHEAP ones.. they do this so that mfg that sold those chips on the spot market at a discount won't undercut the sodimm market.
Post #138576329 added 07-06-2020 6:06 PM by mswoon in Hot Deals
I did the same. Costco's is more expensive but the 16GB and 4 year warranty is a better value for money to me too.
Post #138038189 added 06-16-2020 8:21 AM by SkillfulLake4201 in Hot Deals
Its a shame that they didn't provide either 16gb or empty ram slot to run these 4000series to its full potential
Post #137995058 added 06-14-2020 3:31 PM by gibui in Hot Deals
Following is the video review of the laptop, and teardown.
Post #137968091 added 06-13-2020 10:22 AM by cobelali in Hot Deals
I was looking to buy a laptop and pulled the trigger on this. I realize it's more expensive, but Costco gives you a 2 year warranty and this one has double the ram and storage and it's a 2-in1. ...
Post #137835878 added 06-08-2020 7:17 PM by thamenacing1 in Hot Deals
For $40 less, I got the Lenovo Ideapad 3 from Office Depot: From what I can tell, the main difference is that...
Post #137818433 added 06-08-2020 8:39 AM by panfist in Hot Deals
The screen is the real deal killer, I could live with 8gb ram but they really put the worst possible junk screen on this.
Post #137802332 added 06-07-2020 2:24 PM by QuangD in Hot Deals
This is what happens when people who think they know open their mouth... DDR is double data rate... It didn't kill anything, you're thinking dual channel.
Post #137799515 added 06-07-2020 11:59 AM by SmartWallaby7181 in Hot Deals
Yeah I think these IdeaPads are the best deal in the industry right now, but I'd definitely go with a model with 16GB and an IPS screen, especially since many have been available at basically this...
Post #137798144 added 06-07-2020 10:57 AM by kadox in Hot Deals
I ordered this last weekend and they kept delaying the delivery so I canceled. Also didn't want to deal with the TN panel viewing angles.
Post #137797871 added 06-07-2020 10:46 AM by SmartWallaby7181 in Hot Deals
3700u didn't come out two years ago and the old chassis had a sodimm slot, I thought?
Post #137797589 added 06-07-2020 10:33 AM by Ganglor in Hot Deals
Sorry for the late reply. I had someone else ask me about the Ideapad 3 previously (Model: 81W50000US) and I can’t recommend a specific panel replacement for it at this time due to there not being...
Post #137781980 added 06-06-2020 3:12 PM by cruzvikcy in Hot Deals
It was available today morning, by the time I placed the order changed to back ordered.
Post #137781293 added 06-06-2020 2:39 PM by IndigoMustang4727 in Hot Deals
Exactly. And those people who say, oh 16gb will future proof it. No it won't. By the time 8gb is no longer feasible for browsing and general use, the other components in that laptop is also obsolete.
Post #137776931 added 06-06-2020 10:47 AM by BSparks294 in Hot Deals
This one has a poor quality screen according to reports from owners.
Post #137776868 added 06-06-2020 10:45 AM by sagesandstone in Hot Deals
From psref (
Post #137770565 added 06-06-2020 5:17 AM by gibui in Hot Deals
I found the good review for this laptop. It seems like Lenovo is cheaping out on displays. Beautiful laptop performance but totally unacceptable because of that atrocious display. Why an OEM would...
Post #137739089 added 06-04-2020 9:40 PM by DirtCheapDad in Hot Deals
Agree with others that 8gb is plenty. Outside of video games and Photoshop, and python data analytics on huge data sets (professionally), 8gb has never been a limiting factor for me, and I've been...
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