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Post #139099937 added 07-26-2020 2:17 PM by User9304 in Hot Deals
Window units generally are twice as efficient, so this will use half of the power of that unit. So it will probably not burn down electrical outlets unless you already needed to see an...
Post #138695741 added 07-11-2020 5:42 AM by cccheel in Hot Deals
I need a good window unit for hurricane outages in FL. Would need to run off of a generator. Would this be a good buy?
Post #138695654 added 07-11-2020 5:32 AM by bamx2 in Hot Deals
I am not not familiar with this brand. Just in case it is a dud - What is Sam's Club return policy on these things . Can I return it to Sam's Club B&M (vs shipping it back).
Post #138633335 added 07-08-2020 6:52 PM by Cartoonsuzz78 in Hot Deals
Do these fit a standard wall plug? Is this the best way to go? I have about a 300 square-foot bedroom that I need to cool down upstairs. Thanks for the assistance
Post #138505718 added 07-03-2020 1:31 PM by perdesi in Hot Deals
Does anyone know if it’s going to burn down my electric circuit? Recently used a portable AC And it burned down...
Post #138113966 added 06-18-2020 8:36 PM by RyanJ7344 in Hot Deals
Anyone have any insight on this VS the same price GE (Haier) unit? Both have Wifi, which I think helps eliminate the BJ's Frigidaire . Just wish I could find a deal on a 10K
Post #138109850 added 06-18-2020 5:34 PM by ash78 in Hot Deals
Apples and oranges. Plus window units are very portable and virtually disposable (er, recyclable)
Post #138108383 added 06-18-2020 4:27 PM by wirelessfreak in Hot Deals
Not to crap on the deal. I recognize the brand as one of the best ac brands globally But... Once you try q minisplit AC, you will wonder how people buy loud, low performance, and low efficiency...
Post #138105470 added 06-18-2020 2:23 PM by spaceistheplace in Hot Deals
i've got a tall horizontal are these to install in that situation?
Post #138105443 added 06-18-2020 2:22 PM by euuser6382263 in Hot Deals
Didn't know the title needed it too lol Thanks for the heads up.
Post #138105260 added 06-18-2020 2:16 PM by spinefan in Hot Deals
We've had an 8000 btu unit for about two years now. It's worked flawlessly. We're in SE Texas so it gets used around 10 months a year. It is loud but not as loud as a Frigidaire we have in another...
Post #138105233 added 06-18-2020 2:15 PM by SkyKing02 in Hot Deals
Post #138104489 added 06-18-2020 1:48 PM by euuser6382263 in Hot Deals
It's not showing??
Post #138104438 added 06-18-2020 1:47 PM by SkyKing02 in Hot Deals
Price would be nice.
Post #138104423 added 06-18-2020 1:47 PM by killerkitty187 in Hot Deals
Tee hee (also in CT)
Post #138103994 added 06-18-2020 1:33 PM by nvng in Hot Deals
I've had the Midea 10k for a couple weeks and have no complaints. Cools better than my now defunct LG 8k did. I do not intend to use the WiFi features as I do not trust many IOT devices including...
Post #138102350 added 06-18-2020 12:34 PM by jenesaisquoi in Hot Deals
I have the Midea 12K BTU that I bought at Sam's running in my window as I type. It cools a large room, but they use a different metric for BTU now. It's more like a 10K. It's going on it's third...
Post #138101090 added 06-18-2020 11:52 AM by rcboosted in Hot Deals
anyone have any experience with Midea quality and warranty? I know they're a big company, but that doesn't mean they make good consumer products or properly honor warranty
Post #138098549 added 06-18-2020 10:32 AM by RugerRedhawk in Hot Deals
Buy a $25 membership and get a reputable brand for $5 less than midea:
Post #138097049 added 06-18-2020 9:40 AM by mk2gow1 in Hot Deals Probably this one is better option I guess
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