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Post #141539453 added 10-25-2020 7:35 PM by pandamania in Hot Deals
Still available, thanks!
Post #140479985 added 09-18-2020 1:09 PM by nickyeah in Hot Deals
now both of them have it at $96
Post #140348216 added 09-13-2020 9:22 PM by ColdDayInHell in Hot Deals
Nice, this was one of my favorites and I still have the original from 2000 in our family store on display.{%22iconly%22:0} I...
Post #140344679 added 09-13-2020 5:51 PM by 1CheapSOB in Hot Deals
Perfect for terrorist practice
Post #140336783 added 09-13-2020 10:42 AM by moctezumax in Hot Deals
“And the statue of Liberty ain't nothing but a lazy b*tch” ice cube
Post #140332928 added 09-13-2020 7:00 AM by Lolbadcat in Hot Deals
I buy all sorts from the friends set to creator cars. This is probably one of the top 3 worst made/most over priced set I've seen... You must really love Manhattan for this...
Post #140331953 added 09-13-2020 5:21 AM by Jfunk910 in Hot Deals
Can anyone speak to how fun of a build this set is? I actually don’t think it’s as ugly as everyone else is saying but that’s me. I agree that they really phoned it in on the face though.
Post #140331359 added 09-13-2020 3:29 AM by teknomedic in Hot Deals
I'd like the complete set... does it come with the refugee internment camp and made in Mexico wall expansion sets?
Post #140328761 added 09-12-2020 9:19 PM by tanman99 in Hot Deals
Considering the Saturn V is about the same price and stands at 40” tall this seems overpriced. But the architecture series always is.
Post #140328617 added 09-12-2020 9:09 PM by Pablotexanos in Hot Deals
Like the idea, but it looks totally ugly
Post #140327831 added 09-12-2020 8:12 PM by Prophetable in Hot Deals
Found the redditor
Post #140326649 added 09-12-2020 7:04 PM by purple in Hot Deals
Looks like crap.
Post #140325209 added 09-12-2020 5:29 PM by DataRerun in Hot Deals
He's absolutely right you know. The statue has to be at least three times bigger than this!
Post #140322380 added 09-12-2020 2:13 PM by Water_bottle in Hot Deals
Kind of surprised they released this with the chains, considering they decided to hide them for so long on the original ( real) one I don't know much about legos but would it have been hard to...
Post #140314703 added 09-12-2020 7:28 AM by hcl777 in Hot Deals
I wish they’d have just re-released Lego 3450 just like they did the Taj Mahal. Lucky owners of 3450 still have their investment intact. Those who paid $199 20 years ago are sitting on a $1600...
Post #140313740 added 09-12-2020 6:19 AM by MustardCap in Hot Deals
Castrated Attis:
Post #140312420 added 09-12-2020 3:50 AM by androssking in Hot Deals
What is this... a statue for ants?
Post #140311889 added 09-12-2020 1:27 AM by amax in Hot Deals
Post #140311319 added 09-11-2020 11:50 PM by skylander in Hot Deals
Totally agree!
Post #140309519 added 09-11-2020 8:55 PM by rickyp784 in Hot Deals
I saw it in the real at the Lego Store in Rockefeller Center last year. It looked quite cool. Except for the face. They went through all the trouble of detailing the base and the folds in the...
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