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Post #145055053 added 01-31-2021 12:13 PM by bikerbandito in Deal Talk
Awesome heist everyone. I'm really thankful that I live in the first world in 2021 where I can get the most expensive new Apple iPhone with 'monopoly money' that I earned off some random CC churn. ...
Post #144310610 added 01-01-2021 8:49 AM by dudewithdeals in Deal Talk
Just got my long awaited iPhone 12 Pro Max. Since all new iPhone 12 phones are 5G compatible, Apple is sending new SIM cards already inserted in it but in my case there is no new SIM card inserted in...
Post #144216824 added 12-28-2020 5:26 PM by 00seven in Deal Talk
Ordered on the last day of 11/15 which makes this week 6 so hopefully get a shipping notice this week...
Post #144165542 added 12-26-2020 3:42 PM by dudewithdeals in Deal Talk
Passed 6 weeks on 12/25. What shall to do now?
Post #144101864 added 12-24-2020 3:10 AM by DanzaKuduro in Deal Talk
Order iPhone 12 Pro Max in Blue on 11/11. Received shipping notification on 12/15 from China. Was supposed to arrive on 12/17, but didn't arrive until 12/19.
Post #144028601 added 12-21-2020 8:43 PM by SamKD in Deal Talk
Tracking number updated to give 12/23 delivery date. shipping from Ontario, CA. for delivery in the bay area, CA. Hope others can benefit from this...I myself was tracking other people's notices...
Post #144027983 added 12-21-2020 8:19 PM by NervousSoda848 in Deal Talk
12promax 256 graphite arrived 12/21. The literal last day of the 6 week period.
Post #144007523 added 12-21-2020 10:33 AM by SamKD in Deal Talk
Ordered 11/6, mini, black, 128Gb, got notice today at 9:30am of the tracking number.
Post #143951192 added 12-19-2020 7:51 PM by NervousSoda848 in Deal Talk
12promax graphite 256, ordered 11/10, shipped UPS 12/19 from TN
Post #143911625 added 12-18-2020 1:00 PM by bikerbandito in Deal Talk
Hmm, it just dawned on me and I feel pretty f'ing terrible for being frustrated with the shipping delay. These iPhones are shipping directly from the Foxconn factory in ZhengZhou at the last...
Post #143910539 added 12-18-2020 12:25 PM by bikerbandito in Deal Talk
....jjuuust got the shipping notification with 12 hours to spare for the 6-week mark on my Pro Max. Coming directly from the plant in ZhengZhou, China. Even if it did take six weeks, I've got to...
Post #143893973 added 12-18-2020 12:57 AM by dudewithdeals in Deal Talk
Just start receiving service alerts from FedEx, USPS and UPS about the winter storm. Considering 15th Nov as the last date of this deal, I hope everyone should receive their packages before 31st Dec...
Post #143855060 added 12-16-2020 11:48 PM by naebxx in Deal Talk
Just got shipping notification in email! Wow 1 days shy of 6 weeks mark. My mini is departing Shanghai China and enroute to US via Fedex international priority. Not sure how long it takes but I am...
Post #143837174 added 12-16-2020 1:05 PM by bikerbandito in Deal Talk
Ordered a Pro Max 256GB on 11/6. Still no word on shipping, but its definitely encouraging that a few folks are getting emails this week :-) Fingers crossed.
Post #143835923 added 12-16-2020 12:32 PM by DanzaKuduro in Deal Talk
Order iPhone 12 Pro Max in Blue on 11/11. Received shipping notification 12/15. Was expected to arrive 12/17. But now tracking states 'Rescheduled Delivery'.
Post #143821124 added 12-16-2020 6:00 AM by whappend in Deal Talk
My 12 pro shipped right around the 6 week mark, so I would assume the mini will hold similar and hopefully ship by Friday.
Post #143814317 added 12-15-2020 9:38 PM by jliang215 in Deal Talk
Ordered same phone on 11/6. Got the shipping notification last night. Expected delivery date is Friday. Exactly 6 weeks
Post #143809025 added 12-15-2020 6:38 PM by roblmo88 in Deal Talk
Ordered pro max blue on 11/12, shipped today, estimate to arrive Friday. thanks all
Post #143799488 added 12-15-2020 1:31 PM by TheSoaringEagle in Deal Talk
This Friday will mark exactly 6 weeks since ordering the iPhone 12 Pro Max (Graphite color) word yet.
Post #143783546 added 12-15-2020 6:32 AM by CyanPassenger4936 in Deal Talk
Ordered 12 pro max 128gb blue on 11/15. Shipped today from China via UPS. Estimated to arrive in 2-3 days. Thanks all.
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