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Post #142698391 added 11-23-2020 3:36 PM by brimorga in Hot Deals
Bay Area update: Wife went to Almaden location on the 20th and they had no Kerrygold at all. I went to Coleman location yesterday and they had salted and unsalted. Limit is 3 of each kind and then...
Post #142671349 added 11-23-2020 8:46 AM by wywin in Hot Deals
For those that live in So Cal, a nice Costco employee did a computer search for me and said she could find no locations around that carry the unsalted version. I'm on the OC/LA boarder.
Post #142521634 added 11-20-2020 1:20 PM by TidalWaveOne in Hot Deals
I'm pretty sure they did.
Post #142521595 added 11-20-2020 1:19 PM by TidalWaveOne in Hot Deals
Got my 3 butters today. 1 in the fridge and 2 packs in the freezer. Costco was pretty busy for a non-weekend day... and some "Karens" there too... and an armed police office which was unusual... I...
Post #142520995 added 11-20-2020 1:08 PM by brimorga in Hot Deals
Did they have the unsalted also?
Post #142519795 added 11-20-2020 12:48 PM by breakingnews in Hot Deals
Is it 3 per transaction or 3 per Card?
Post #142516990 added 11-20-2020 11:56 AM by stressgirl615 in Hot Deals
I wonder if the butter is all gone. I want to send my husband this afternoon.
Post #142509607 added 11-20-2020 9:39 AM by amesbury in Hot Deals
Just wrapped up my costco haul. I could get 6 packs through two separate transactions.
Post #142495903 added 11-20-2020 12:57 AM by brimorga in Hot Deals
Who's ready for a rush on butter tomorrow? :lol:
Post #142014149 added 11-09-2020 7:55 AM by StephenS8418 in Hot Deals
Unlike the US, dairy production in Ireland is pretty seasonal. In the winter, when the cows are eating grass silage with supplemental grain, they are not producing milk. Also note that...
Post #141985070 added 11-08-2020 8:37 AM by dijital101 in Hot Deals
This just shows you don't know much about cattle and just latched on to buzzword marketing bs. Cattle love grain and there is no detriment in them eating it in moderation. It adds flavor to the...
Post #141974717 added 11-07-2020 9:22 PM by nashi in Hot Deals
Here you go.....
Post #141905675 added 11-05-2020 8:36 PM by mainkaun123 in Hot Deals
Can we buy now and price match then? My Costco always runs out of the best promotions in an hour.
Post #141901364 added 11-05-2020 5:59 PM by malaysiafang in Hot Deals
Where do you find out about this
Post #141830114 added 11-03-2020 3:04 PM by Fragster in Hot Deals
It's a staple in my house. Make some warm toast and use this with some local berry jelly. Finger licking good, as they say.
Post #141829949 added 11-03-2020 2:59 PM by qpalzm147 in Hot Deals
I bought 2 of the unsalted last time and have been trying to make it last! I saw this on the ad and marked for purchase! Perfect for holiday baking season! Another note, I have been able to find...
Post #141812342 added 11-03-2020 4:22 AM by G60roddo in Hot Deals
I'll have to look for this black label. Never heard of/seen it.
Post #141808043 added 11-02-2020 9:30 PM by BeigeAlpaca788 in Hot Deals
I can't believe it's a-10-page-thread-i-read-about butter
Post #141807293 added 11-02-2020 8:57 PM by Dubonpoulet in Hot Deals
LoL run 2 for 5 around 3 times a year (Easter, June, Thanksgiving) but rarely at Target unless there is a special promo event going on that Target will convince companies to join. Kroger and Meyer's...
Post #141806213 added 11-02-2020 8:18 PM by lassarianthedark in Hot Deals
Once you Kerrygold butter, there is no udder
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