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Post #143218214 added 11-30-2020 11:48 PM by sbluray7100 in Deal Talk
I think he is talkin about the Mobo having wifi maybe ?
Post #142573936 added 11-21-2020 6:59 PM by magbarn in Deal Talk
I would think about it if you can find an unobtanium chip like the 3900X.
Post #142530214 added 11-20-2020 4:36 PM by UncommonCents in Deal Talk
Nope. Some do not and there are reasons to prefer one of the other. ...
Post #142530133 added 11-20-2020 4:34 PM by UncommonCents in Deal Talk
The GPU is integrated in the CPU, not the mobo. The CPU never has wifi or an ethernet port, so I'm not sure I see your point. Because some CPUs don't have integrated graphics, and there can be...
Post #142502704 added 11-20-2020 7:18 AM by JesusFreak in Deal Talk
Not everyone is a gamer. I’m still rocking intel graphics for what I need and I’m laughing all the way to the bank.
Post #142493941 added 11-19-2020 11:28 PM by vreezkid in Deal Talk
They always come with a graphics chipset built in, I think....
Post #142485406 added 11-19-2020 7:22 PM by iammastermind in Deal Talk
Just clocked slightly lower (100mhz) it seems? Probably slightly less good silicon lottery pickings. ...
Post #142481818 added 11-19-2020 6:01 PM by c1mcintosh in Deal Talk
What is the major difference between the 10850k and 10900k?? Like did this not pass QA? Any important features lacking?
Post #142475482 added 11-19-2020 3:32 PM by stevesaves in Deal Talk
If anyone's not looking to spend that much, I have my i7-9700K and board combo for sale on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/274576911154 I upgraded to the CPU in this thread, but used a different...
Post #142473007 added 11-19-2020 2:44 PM by RyzenPrime in Deal Talk
think twice you make a purchase https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i9-10850K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-9-3900X-vs-AMD-Ryzen-7-3700X-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-5600X/3824vs3493vs3485vs3859
Post #142471603 added 11-19-2020 2:23 PM by moowarcow in Deal Talk
wonder if bf are going to have better deals
Post #142441994 added 11-19-2020 3:00 AM by paliknight in Deal Talk
Probably not until late 2021 if we’re lucky
Post #142369397 added 11-17-2020 1:49 PM by AAPL_luv in Deal Talk
Good deal but holding out for a AMD 5600 bundle.
Post #142357025 added 11-17-2020 9:30 AM by bluechox in Deal Talk
fair enough, and you can use it to render videos with this along with your graphics card, but my sarcasm is for that it is integrated and not another part that comes with it...could have also...
Post #142356692 added 11-17-2020 9:23 AM by inner-G in Deal Talk
Can be nice of you need to troubleshoot a GPU
Post #142354289 added 11-17-2020 8:31 AM by 89turboii in Deal Talk
It's going to happen again, PayPal just launched crypto which is funny cuz Elon who created PayPal is Satoshi Nakamoto...
Post #142349252 added 11-17-2020 5:40 AM by 52club in Deal Talk
With the video card drought, having integrated graphics was really nice on my 9900k I got from MC. I was able to get my gaming PC up and running, then just toss in my 3070 when I finally got it...
Post #142347665 added 11-17-2020 3:06 AM by Mysticalize in Deal Talk
It’s actually $689 now for the deal you reference: https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails?ItemList=Combo.4205267&quicklink=true
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