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Post #159511189 added 11-24-2022 9:11 PM by DonJTrump in Hot Deals
i think mastercard is just as widely accepted as visa internationally?
Post #159501085 added 11-24-2022 6:30 PM by fcmem in Hot Deals
I have this card, and I'll just say this, Capital one was my very first credit card back in 08, and they use to be excellent at catching fraud.. every since they had that data breach years ago and...
Post #159494914 added 11-24-2022 4:41 PM by shopperray in Hot Deals
It's a MasterCard
Post #159490468 added 11-24-2022 3:24 PM by DonJTrump in Hot Deals
is capital one quicksilver a visa or mastercard? it doesnt show in the picture of the card
Post #159307048 added 11-22-2022 5:24 AM by Siang1S in Hot Deals
The appeal is that it's free money. Are you under the impression that you can only sign up for one credit card or something? Sign up > do the minimum spend > pay off your bill/use the bonus > lock...
Post #159266143 added 11-21-2022 10:29 AM by CrimsonRose733 in Hot Deals
What is the appeal of this card when there are multiple 2% cards with the same $200 intro bonus?
Post #159248734 added 11-20-2022 10:19 PM by disk in Hot Deals
I just applied for the $300 after $500 spend targeted offer and they rejected me and offered to approve me for what was essentially the same card but with no spend offer, a 29% APR and a $1000 limit....
Post #159191950 added 11-19-2022 1:49 PM by badboy2man in Hot Deals
That was exactly happened to me last round. Have 830 score, but Capital One denied still, for me having many open cards LoL
Post #159174949 added 11-19-2022 1:18 AM by kocchi in Hot Deals
I got the $300 Bonus for $500 Spend offer via Email. Instant approval online for >$20k. 818 FICO. 9 open cards (none with Capital One, previously closed Savor few years back)
Post #159138406 added 11-18-2022 7:51 AM by TidalWaveOne in Hot Deals
I think he's blaming them for their crappy customer service... i.e. not doing what they reasonably can to help their customers and keep them happy.
Post #159099022 added 11-17-2022 9:33 AM by DJphilosophy in Hot Deals
I expect the fee to be waived if I haven't missed a payment for 12+ months.
Post #159098233 added 11-17-2022 9:17 AM by OliveMask113 in Hot Deals
So it's your fault but you blame them?
Post #159031612 added 11-15-2022 10:40 AM by hotdesi in Hot Deals
ok just applied and got one to buy taylor swift tickets... thought the credit limit was a lot lower than my other cards
Post #159017512 added 11-14-2022 9:48 PM by JollyGazelle309 in Hot Deals
Yeah. Got an invitation to apply for a Quick Silver card with $300 back after $500 spent. Got rejected on 820 FICO, while other companies approved cards with at least 8k -10k limit. Never bank with...
Mine got approved in high 680-90s. I guess they’re tracking based on how many cards you hold. If more cards straight reject as you might be having better cards for daily spends
Same for me, I ignored $200 and got $300 and I applied instantly. Annual fee $0 and 15 months 0% APR. Why not?
Yes. Any capital one should work. I have this card and I got early access email
Total spend within 3 months should be >$500 after refunds and adjustments
You can use on your CC bill 1:1 (straight cash)
Post #159014419 added 11-14-2022 7:51 PM by Nine5617 in Hot Deals
Is the promotion still going and how easy would it be to redeem the $200 if I used this card to buy a new tv over $500?
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